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Temps through the roof!

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Feb 12, 2001
Clinton, AR
Ok, to start PIII 500e @ 710, Hercules geforce II MX 64 mb, 512 mb 7.5ns pc133 SDRam, Maxtor 20gb ata 100 5200rpm hd. SB 16 pci sound card, P3V4X Mobo, Intel 2100 DSL Modem.

3 days ago, I upgraded to the GeForce mx from a Voodoo3 3000, and at the same time went from a mid tower case to a full tower case. 2 fans at top rear, 1 fan in front, 1 slot fan under vid card, added a fan to HS on video card, had a gorb on the cpu, tried the retail HS/fan also.

My temps went through the roof with either HS/fan. I now idle at 39c but if I attempt any 3d apps, it locks up. 3D Mark 2000 locks at the high detail chopper test. jst starting 3D Mark (Splash screen) makes temps jump to 60c. I'v cxhecked the alignment of the HS, it's sitting flat. I even went to stock speed and 1.45v core. still super high temps. and ideas????
Im gonna guess that there is VERY little space for the air to flow from the bottom of the case to the top where the two Exhaust fans are. My wifes PC is a Full tower.....it was running WAY hot! There is only a small opening between the lower half and bottom half of the case.....there in lies the problem, I made a cardboard Duct and positioned it over one of the Fans and then As clolse to the opening between the top and bottom of the case as i could. This helped quite a bit. I would also look into mounting an Exhaust fan somewhere down near the Proc and Vid card. Good luck