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temps using aquastealth 2

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Apr 11, 2001
Hi just got my aquastealt 2 kit installed and wondering if this temps are good or should they be lower
I am using artic silver between cpu and water block. and have 120mm fan blowing air from the outside of case over my radiator
mobo temp is 22
cpu temp is 32 at idle

I am not using a pelt currently but i plan to later.

1.2ghz @266mhz not overclocked yet
256mb ddr memory
asus a7m266
19in Htachi cm772
plextor 12*10*32
32mb tnt2 soon to be geforce 3
40g WD HD
wintv tvtuner card
cable modem
sound blaster live
That does sound about right. I noticed that water cooling alone wont bring your temps downt all that much. But should keep them more consistant and lower your load temps a bit.

the problem I have is I can only use around a 1\2 gallon of water for my reservoir as it has to be pretty well in my case (wife is complaining about having a seperate box, so now I have to keep everything internal cause the pc is in the kitchen). So to run my peltier with the water cooling gets the water so hot. And with such a small amount of water the heat does'nt dissipate as good. I would like to put 2 120mm fans on the radiator but I dont want the noise, thats part of the reason I'm going to water cooling.

I think what I might do is use try my 50w peltier and use a 90mm fan on the radiator to see how that goes.
Ok, thanks for your help. I haven't really loaded down yet to see what i get. I have been a little busy lately. but i will be tryin out some games soon to see how it does. also i was thinking of gettin a 72watt pelt. will that cool it down a lot or just a little. I don't want to worry about condensation, So i wanted to go with the smaller pelt...thanks
That 72W peltier will collapse under load with a 1.2G Tbird, especially once you start OC'ing it. Don't waste your money.

well what size pelt should i use Without having condensation problems, or will i just have to deal with the condensation...
load temps are around 96 room temp 85. after playing unreal tournament for about an 1hour
i wouldnt mind having aquastealth :)
my 533@620 is
CPU 27 idel modo 24 idle
just air cooled
umm goes as high as 39 when am super multitasking
not to bad till i can get a better hsf
that is 96f. But that was cause it got really hot today.
right now it is about 70 outside and i am running at 32c idle and 34c while doing some pretty heavy gaming. so i am pretty happy with my watercooling
slaveboy (May 01, 2001 02:08 p.m.):
well what size pelt should i use Without having condensation problems, or will i just have to deal with the condensation...

with any pelt, you would pretty much have to deal with condensation. If you use a pelt you will need a large one like 156W. Both www.3dcool.com and www.dangerden.com have these for decent prices. Beware though, unless you have one of those new 500+ W power supplies, you are going to need another PSU for the peltier itself.