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TFTs - still looking....got thru 2 already :(

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May 15, 2004
Nottingham/London, UK

I am currently undergoing my second RMA (with another company) of the ACER 1722HS 8ms TFT monitor. Ive had two know from this company and both have had dead pixels both in the same place. (i know i didnt recieve the same monitor for a second time cause i noted the serial #s). I think they must have a dodgy batch or whatever.

Anywho - i've gone off the ACER monitor now and am looking for something else.

I want a monitor with <12ms response, DVI/Anologue, 24bit-colour, high-ish contrast ratio and good viewing angles.

So far the only other monitor in the 17" range is the ViewSonic VP171B-2. - whichs costs just shy over £220.

Is this an ok tft? Its a high price but i want quality and something that will be future proof - hence the DVI port.

I was also thinking of the 17" AG Neovo F417 @ £140ish - this only has analogue but the adantage of a lower price. I've heard tho thatthis monitor has blurry text.

Other than that, i'm truely lost on the whole tft side of things - i'd really like my next purcahse to go well.

Any ideas/opinions



Oct 13, 2005
I admire your cheekiness ;). So you want to choose between AG Neovo F417 and ViewSonic VP171b-2 . To me it looks like the ViewSonic is an all round better LCD than the Neovo in pretty much every aspect. I'd go for that if you don't mind the price of £220. My American mind thinks that price is a litter higher than I personally would like to pay for a 17", but it really looks like a great screen. That's pretty much my only opinion/idea on this topic here :) but would say that if you don't really need a new monitor, then you might wait for the new technology to come out in a year or so and then either pick that up for go for an LCD that surely will be on sale. Besides that, good luck shopping!