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TH7 II & Woody 1.8a

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, Immutable, Administrator
Dec 22, 2000
Huntsville, AL
Okay, I just built my first Intel sys in quite some time.
Woody 1.8a @ 2.25 1.6v 41c load
TH7 II w/ 512 Samsung PC800

It's not too bad......but I was wondering, what in the heck is "Differential Current" and what does it do? I've looked around a bit and not found an answer. Anyone?


Feb 15, 2002
North Reading, MA USA
Here's one explanation I found on the Hocp forum:

thanks to *foo
On the P4 platform, the host clocks (CPU clocks) are different from earlier Intel platforms. Instead of acting as a voltage source with a set voltage swing, it acts as a current source and injects a set amount of current into the transmission line. You have to use parallel termination on the line to set the voltage swing.

The "differential current" option in the Abit bios just lets you fiddle with the amount of current injected into the line (by mulitiplying some set value, which they don't tell you). This effectively lets you change the voltage swing of the clocks.

The Abit TH7-II manual says "This option allows you to select the current multiple of CPU clock. The options are: 4x, 6x, 5x, 7x. The default setting is 6x." (Bad English theirs).

They call it "differential current" because the clocks are differential. That means instead of a single clock, you have a CLK and CLK#. One is going high while one is going low (for those who care, they operate in odd-mode differential signalling). That means when CLK is on, CLK# is off. Thus, differential current.


Mar 18, 2002
The Parabolic Quantum Well
So what would be the "Sweet Spot" for this setting?

From what I've read and heard, some people say it's fine at default, 6x, while other say that when overclocking the 4x setting is the best. Only way to find out is to mess around with the setting and see which one works best for you.


Apr 15, 2002
:) I have same setup you should be able to run at 2.4 Ghz easily - just run 18x133