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TH7II-RAID and P4-533 FSB?

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Mar 22, 2002
Hello. I am thinking of building a new system based on this board. I wanted to see if anyone knows if it will support the new Pentium 4's with a 533 FSB and PC1066 RDRAM. It seems like the FSB settings are there, but voltage and memory timings may be an issue. The I-850E platform should be out soon and I could wait for those if this is going to be a problem. Thanks.
Well I've been running with PC1066 RDRAM and 533mhz FSB and higher for some time now and the TH7II can hit those settings with no problem.
I was under the impression that RDRAM PC-1066 has not been officially released yet. I'd also like to know if this newer faster memory would work in our TH7-II motherboards without any issues. Show me some links that gives evidence to this fact. Mr. Natural claims to have PC-1066 RDRAM and he may very well have pre-release engineering samples, but the Sandra screen shots he posted in another topic reports them as PC-800 modules. So, what's the deal with that?
Gone Fishin', you are absolutely right about Sandra not always accurately reporting new hardware. I didn't mean to sound like I was doubting anyone, but as a scientist, I'm always searching for more data. Never can have too much data. **UPDATE** I went back and looked at those posts again. It appears that Mr. Natural also posted a pic of the RDRAM label that shows it being PC-1066 and he has stated that he received these pre-release modules for review purposes and confirmed they are not for sale yet.
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thatnks batboy. No problem.

Cooler666. Sorry to say bud but NO CAN DO!. This stuff right now is like gold and there is very little to go aroind. My Samsung guy told me last week that he;s been checking around and from what he's determined, the 4 sticks I have right now is onle 4 of about 60 samples that have been shipped out to ppl outside Samsung. That means that I am 1 of only 15 ppl known to samsung to have this stuff. So as you can tell, it's real valuble and rare right now. And no that doesn't mean I sell it for an extremely high price. Hmmmm. Al least not right now. :D
Man, that is sweet! I am amazed that some critical parameter was not altered to make this difficult or impossible. Planned obsolescence is pretty much the norm when it comes to computer hardware. I guess the next logical question is...

Have you been able to hit PC1200 levels with this setup?

If possible, the useful life of this motherboard could go way beyond any other board I have ever built on. Thanks for the input guys! I am a newbie to this forum and was beginning to feel a little shunned. Later.
Not quite there but close. I've been able to reach 196mhz FSB with the RDRAM running at x3 settings which makes it 588/1176. Not quite sure why it wont hit higher but I think it may be the DRGG holing me back.