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TH7II-Raid keychain?

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Nov 2, 2001
Tulsa Oklahoma
Hi all,
I'm typing this from my wife's comp. becuase last week I decided to volt mod my processor. The only problem with that is I had to break my socket to get to it:D

You see, I followed the condensation prevention guide from OCTools, using Conformal coating and dielectric grease. I thought I did everything right and it would have been great if I never wanted to remove my processor. But, like many an overclocker I have to remove things and tweak them. So when I tried removing my processor it was stuck. I'm talking no movement at all. When I tried lifting the ZIF arm it would go almost vertical with no movement in the socket. After attempting to cut away the Conformal coating with no success, I tried heating up the conformal coating with no success. I also tried to just pry out the processor with no luck. So I decided to bite the bullet and take out my frustration on my socket. I figure the CPU costs more and It overclocks really well so I'd rather salvage it than the mobo.

So now I have a nice TH7II-Raid keychain unless ya'll can think of something better.:)

Also, I'm awaiting a new replacement TH7II-Raid from JazzTechnology which should come in on Monday.

omg, this is too funny, ya know why?? I did the same thing!!
what they fail to mention is that the conformal coating (if your not extremely carefull) will lock your ziff socket in place!!
my cpu actually pulled straight out with the arm still in a down position, then to add insult to injury I popped it back in but apparently the pins werent connecting right and puff out came the magic smoke :)
long story short rma'd both the cpu and mobo and the new cpu does 2.9 as well :)
This time around I made sure to not let it touch the ziff socket but I did make sure it covered all the little resistors and what not surrounding the ziff socket, and ofcourse I coated the back of the board quite well too as it can also be a problem area when extreme cold is applied.
I'm looking for something that will protect my board but will never get hard. Will the dielectric grease work?

ColdD, How did you RMA a motherboard with conformal coating all over it?
well, i guess i should revise my statement, they replaced the cpu for me but I am waiting to see if the distributer fusses about the conformal coating.
they said it might be a week before they know, he did tell me that they rarely even look at them so i should be good.
arch5 said:
I'm looking for something that will protect my board but will never get hard. Will the dielectric grease work?

ColdD, How did you RMA a motherboard with conformal coating all over it?

Shouldnt laugh really, specially as this is my first Post in here, but....LOL dude, nice Key chain m8. Can u get your car keys in the Ignition with that Mobo on em? :D

Still,.....there is nowt wrong with Conformal coating for Insulating the Mobo Socket. It is perhaps the best soloution there is as it peels off in one piece if u ever want it to look like it hasn`t been messed with.

If you are going to use conformal coating, seal the inside of the socket, around the outside of the socket and all the socket pins on the back of Mobo. After having done this, leave it alone to cure for 24hours. When its had its 24hrs, it should be firm but rubbery.
The idea here is to seal the socket up entirely, and the 24hr cure period should be allowed so you dont end up making the CPU a permenant fixture of the Mobo!

Next step is to pack the socket pin holes with a dilectric grease. All pin holes should be filled prior to fitting the CPU. Chuck the Neoprene/Foam pad in the hole, seal the back of ure CPU with Dilectric Grease. Getting all the Air out by using more than required is the ideal situation really, but dont use so much Dilectric grease that you have to jump off your wardrobe to get the CPU down in its socket!
If your Neoprene/foam pad is a bit slack in its hole, chuck some Dilectric grease in there to help the seal. You need to eliminate all air from the socket
To clean Dilectric Grease from your Socket,..get a Large Aresol Can of Eletrical Cleaner. Brake/Clutch cleaner will do the same job. Careful you dont get it in ure eyes eh!

Following these steps will ensure you can safely remove you're CPU without the need for converting your Mobo into a Key chain!
As a bonus, it will also save you from "Knee Capping" youself from the Swinging Mobo whilst driving! :D

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I was just going to ask also, how the %#&$ do you drive with that thing? Instead of a pocket, do you use a backpack? ;)