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That's it, time for watercooling

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Nov 17, 2001
I'm not liking my temps at all, even though I own a Celeron. Anyways, I know "NOTHING" about watercooling so maybe you guys can help guide me through. I'll be slowly roaming the threads here about watercooling as well as the sticky's (school is slowing me down) so maybe I'll learn important info on the way.

I don't even know where to start. I know I won't be making my own waterblock. I want a setup that will be very compact (only to cool the cpu) so I'm not looking at having my tower look like it's on life support. Is it possible to have this setup all housed inside my 24" tower? I'm also hoping I can get my chip to run in the 20 degrees celsius range under load if that's possible for something simple. Price right now is a factor, as I'm a lowly student salvaging all the money I can get for my rig, but money will slowly be coming in once summer hits.

What do I need to purchase, where do I start??
well, first thing, i guess, would be to decide how much room you're going to have. are you going to get a large enough case for a decent size resevoir, or are you going to go without one? basics are: water block, radiator, and pump. if you have room you can also have a resevoir in there, then you have the option of running an in-line pump or a submerged pump. as far as brands, just keep reading the forums, you'll see comparisons of different brands, which can help you decided which to buy, and you can find out what other people are using. also, go to the main page (www.overclockers.com) and read through the guides about overclocking in general and, more specifically, the articles on water-cooling; they'll explain the basics in more detail. hope this helps a bit . . .
I would say read through the guides and learn more about water coolin before you do anything with your system. And no, I don't think you will be able to fit it inside your case.