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FEATURED The 4X4 Summer Showdown! 2020

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Taco .... well he first has to post something last time we waited for him but he was a no show. :popcorn:
I am just hoping that more will join the competition to show that we appreciate the time that some have taken to make this Summer Showdown happen.
I feel like a noob, I ran em but maybe you guys can tell me what I did wrong :confused:

Actually, I cant upload images.. weird :confused:

Every time I try to upload a pic I have to login again. crazy.. :confused:

When I try to upload my screens I get a message that says I don't have permission and the website logs me out. And I have to log back in. What sort of sorcery is this?
Johan45/ Ryzen 9 3900X/ H2O/ 52,232.283

7zip 48242

7zip 48242.JPG

CB R20 2723

r20 2723.JPG

CB R15 1226

r15 1226.JPG

X265 41.283

x265 41.283.JPG

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Looks like it's acting a bit funky for me too
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I really thought the 3900x would generate a greater lead compared to my 3700x. Not sure there is a large sandbag awaiting. Nice run
You gents with issues uploading pics, are you using quick reply or go advanced?
Also, for those getting logged out, do you check "remember me" when logging in or not?
Yes I have it checked to not log me out, and I am pretty sure I was in advanced. I’ll try it again when I put the kids to bed. Also just got my z77 oc formula in the mail today! I’ll try to get it together this week sometime.
Johan45/ R9 3900X/ H2O/ 52376.283

7Zip 48341

7zip 48341.JPG

CB R20 2755

r20 2755.JPG

CB R15 1239

r15 1239.JPG

HWBot X265 41.283

x265 41.283.JPG
The Team Cup is Limited on my i9-10940x & i7-8700k/i9-9900kf CPU's :-(
The Biggest contribute I can make is in the 4-way GPU category. If I can get off my *&^ I have 4x-GTX-480/580/680/780Ti. I only have 2 in each class that still run on air :facepalm:.
Please start another thread for Team Cup discussion
Hey Johan. We dont have to use Benchmate do we?
If not I'd like to have a submission. (Not sure I can do all stages though)