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The AMD overclocking guide

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i dont see how an option will majically appear because that just does not make any sence. I guess you are out of luck mult wise. unless someone with this board knows the answer. just set your vdimm vcore on the max and your cpu on max vcore also and pump the fsb!
Emericana said:
For athlon XP's the best stepping is AGOIA, followed by AROIA and AGNGA. The best thunderbird stepping is AHYJAR i think i have never used one of those processors. GENERALLY if the second line starts with a Y or K it is a great overclocker. If it starts with a 9 or a 4 it is a good overclocker and possibly a great one. if it is a Z then RMA the cpu ASAP cause it will not overclock at all. The worst athlon XP stepping is AGKGA.
mine is agkga :eek: :mad: :(
Emericana said:

I had a AGKGA 1900+ and would only do 1700mhz stable w/ 1.85v. it was unlocked too.

An unlocked XP1800+ here - AGKGA, rock solid @ 1909mHz @2.0v (on water obviously).

Fine in windows @1970, but fails Prime95 after 20mins.

Going to stick a block on my N/bridge - I think that's causing the failure (Epox 8K5A2+, passive cooling is useless).


Just want to see 2gHz from her (200x10 would be perfect :burn: ).
Emericana said:
NICE oc. cosmo tht oc is unheard of

Thanx Emericana ;)

Are the AGKNA steppings THAT bad?

If so makes me wonder what a AGOIA XP1600+ would do.

It's a "homemade" WB too.

Pic below.

An Epox 8K5A2+, 256mB Samsung Cas 2.5 (DTL :eek: - runs at fastest timings @ 200, but not Turbo - 1T). Would have rathered a CTL stick but I think all CTLs are now sold as PC3200.

It really is a great OC'ing board, & very stable, but the passive HS on the NB is ridiculous - it's tiny & scorching @ 200 FSB. I hope the addition of a WB will help.

Idle temp 36C - full load (Prime95 >3hrs) 42C max. I tried chilled water in the res & ice but, TBH, the condensation (immediate)scared the cr*p out of me. CPU temp (under full load) dropped to <18C within minutes, but the tissues I was holding beneath the block were getting wetter & wetter.



Waiting for a XP2400+ which has been delayed I believe. Hoping to see 2.4gHz or maybe 2.5gHz if the initial OC results are to be believed.

2.5gHz from an XP - now that should give a P4 @ 3.??? a run for it's money - & a hell of a lot more fun & rewarding to boot.
It's a AGKGA 0148 XPFW (might be XPEW - I lapped it slightly), but definately an AGKGA.

So I assume that's week 48 in 2001.

What's the XPFW for? I assume XP is, well, XP, but the last 2 letters?

Sorry for the typo :eh?:

What do you reckon a 1600+ would do in my system? 2gHz?

Waiting for the 2400, but I'll need another CPU for another PC I'm building.
Ok well then GREAT OC hehe you have a pretty late made AGKGA.

as for the 1600+ i doubt that you will be able to get it higher as most of them will do around 1900mhz as well. 2ghz MAYBE if you get one of those AROIA Y 0220 chips or a green AGOIA Y 0213's but it is really luck of the draw. i say wait for the 2400+ to be affordable and get 2.5ghz!
Emericana said:
i say wait for the 2400+ to be affordable and get 2.5ghz!

Well the 2400+ is listed here at €250 (euros), approx $255, so it won't be that expensive, if it ever arrives :mad:

Cool 2 see 2.5 from an AMD. Should be close to a P4 at 3.5.

Hopefully have 1 within the next month.
Emericana said:
...or a green AGOIA Y 0213's but it is really luck of the draw. i

He he he...so last week, some cooler weather blew in and I decided to OC my 0213 finally...

It's LOCKED, and on CRAPPY AIR cooling (5 dollar hsf, have everything but a WB to go water eventually)...

It hit 10.5*178=1869 (up from stock 1.4ghz) but I had heat problems due to the fact it had to be volted to 1.85V. I have a KT333 btw..

It ran 173fsb at 1.75 volt!!!!:eek: (1816)

I'm running some corsair xms pc2700 cas 2 ram, and I honestly think the ram is crapping out before the chip. When I ran it asycronously, the chip wouldnt run at about the same ram speed, and I seem to get more ram related errors at high speeds then lock-ups. It's an amazing lil chip for 60 bucks! :beer:
you got a great chip :)

if your ram is crappin out before the cpu then you should unlock it so you dont need to use such a high fsb.

right now i am testin this Brown AGOIA Y 0208 unlocked with the different multipliers and it is doing 9.5x183=1744mhz stable (prime has been runnin for 9 hours). gonna go and wait a few more hours and then bump it up to 184fsb....

i was hopin that i would get a better 1600+ the second time around but i guess not. i prolly should've ordered from newegg rather than mwave.

with the 9.5mult on my old brown 0213 the highest it would go would be 184mhz so i'll go and post back to see if this chip is better than the other one i had. it will NOT do 10.5x172 tho i tried that right off the batt :-(
Now I am going to talk about the new Tbreds for those of you who do not know about them. The "thouroughbred" (did i spell that right lol) shortened to Tbred is the new .13u process of the Athlon. There are two versions, the Tbred rev A which runs from 1600+-2200+ and the Tbred rev B which runs from 2400+-2800+.
The Cpu's require 1.65v to go into them rather than the old 1.75v.

First I will discuss the rev A tbreds. It is somewhat hard to find any other version than 2200+ of these (however now you can find a 1700+ and 1800+ at newegg). Amd supposidly had been producing only tbreds in their factories for a few months but not many have been seen on the streets. I am sure most people are wondering, well how do these perform? Well pretty darn well actually if you have the correct cooling. These things run HOT because of the small die area. Especially if you overclock them. Other than the smaller .13u size there is no difference performance wise between them and their older brother the palomino.

Like stated above Tbred Rev A overclocking is ok. If you have very good cooling, like Pelt or Phase change, it is pretty good tho. It is not uncommon to see people with these extreme cooling methods runnin at 2.3ghz+ with them (the record overclock for a 2200+ is 2.7ghz and was cooled w/ LN2). However, if you are using a Air cooler, you will generally see 200-300mhz more out of them just like on the Pallys. However, like i said earlier, it is extremely hard to find tbreds in less than 2200+ brands. Most people who had them ordered them off of internet forums off of people.

The Tbred Rev B is a brand new core and was made by AMD to help the heating problems and allow higher clock speeds. I cannot recall how they fixed the prob (someone wanna fill in?) but i remember it has somethin to do w/ adding another layer to the core. Anywho, the Tbred Rev B starts at 2400+ (unless AMD coverts lesser CPU's which i doubt they will) which is 2ghz clock speed. The 2400+ and 2600+ still use the 133mhz FSB (266ddr) (the 2600+ has a 166mhz verison as well) so if you are not going to overclock all you need to buy is DDR2100 ram still which is pretty cheap. However, who doesnt overclock here :)

Now the 2600+,2700+ and 2800+ cpus use the 166mhz FSB which is DDR 333. This significantly increases the bandwith you get and hence will increase system performance. These can be purchased NOW from Newegg however they are very expensive. the stepping on these new processors are AIUGB and so far have proven to be quite a bit better than the older AIUCB stepping. Most of the AIUGB's do 2.4-2.6ghz on air cooling alone and up to 2.8ghz w/ pelts. In other words, if you can afford to get one of these new processors, get em!

Overclocking the Tbred B has gotten much better than overclocking on the Tbred A. So far there are two steppings, AIUCB and AIUGB. If you have a AIUCB you can expect around 300mhz and if you have a AIUGB 400mhz or even more out of your cpu.

Lets just hope the bartons will get here soon but i doubt they will come before Feb 2003.

Finally it is pretty unsafe to run the voltage on these CPUs over 1.9v because of the small die size so dont attempt to do it. currently there has been no reports of tbred A's dieing of high voltage but pentium 4's which also use .13u are dieing left and right!

once again if there are any questions feel free to ask. if there is anything i forgot feel free to add.

EDITED AND UPDATED:santa: :santa2:
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Wait-a-tic...imma a newbie at this and I got a question!!!

---So your saying that the stepping you get on you AMD chip is completely random???....the luck of the draw??? If thats the case, then how can I make sure I get an AGOIA?---

well do you have a AMD cause if you do then you should change your sig lol.

about AGOIA if you got yours recently (like probably a month ago or sooner) than you should have either a AGOIA or AROIA. you check by looking at the letters on the core. There is another great sticky on this in the AMD board.
Well i plan on getting one very soon....so if i order it from newegg like in a week I should be ok right? I want to get a Athlon XP 1800+, I know the 1600+ is a really good price and everyone raves about it, so is there a difference, does one o/c better than the other?

Thnx a bunch!
This is probably a dumb question, but I dont understand by running a program that makes the cpu work hard at a certain speed will help it become more stable at that speed. Maybe theres no need to understand and just know that it works :D
IMHO burning in, what you said about running a program that makes a cpu work hard, is just a myth. i have used many many amd cpus, all AXP's, probably like 15 and not 1 has gotten me a single mhz higher by doing that. the only thing that using a stress tester on your cpu does initially is it makes the Artic Silver sit faster and therefore will lower your temps.

you use a stess tester like prime 95 to test the stability of your computer while overclocked not to make it more stable.

and No life (nice name hehe) yes if you order from newegg in a week then you should almost definetly get a AGOIA/AROIA. if you want a 100% guarenteed AGOIA cpu then go here: http://www.svcompucycle.com/agoia.html

but it is a bit more expensive and no free shipping. i know that www.mwave.com has them also cause that is where i got my latest one from.

Why do you think if you order a 1600+ from newegg in about a week you'll have a better chance of getting an agoia or aroia? I'm just curious because i'm going have one shipped out to me on monday.
AROIA's are not as common as AGOIA's are so i guess you will get a AGOIA.

AROIA Y's are generally the best tho as most do 2ghz.