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The AMD overclocking guide

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Do you know of any places to get an AROIA Y for sure?? and If i had to decided either to get a AGOIA 1600+ or AGOIA 1800+ (price being no issue) which would be best? Im assuming 1800+ but I may be wrong.
if they are the same stepping (for example if both are AGOIA Y 0213 Greens) then get the 1600+ and save some $$$ cause you will get zero difference on how high you will overclock.

there is no store that i know that guarentees AROIA but i bet if you call the guys over at www.svcompucycle.com they will be able to check the steppings for you on their cpu since they individually sort out the AGOIA's from the rest. however, it will cost $15 more than it costs at newegg.
Ok i will try that site.

Im not trying to be naggy...but If you were to compare the two amd's (u described in ur previous post) The 1600+ being 1.4ghz and the 1800+ being 1.53ghz your saying both would only go to like 2.0ghz?? Or would the 1800+ go to like 2.13ghz since it started out with 130mhz more?

Are they indentical CPU's except for one stars with more mgz than the other?
Unless you manage to aquire a Tbred then there is no way on air a 1800+ will get 2.13ghz because the Palomino core maxes out at around 2ghz max. People who get over 2ghz with palominos, which is very rare, use crazy cooling.

back to the stepping. i believe that the AGOIA stepping was first created when the 2100+ cpus came out on the market. So, essentially all of the cpus w/ that stepping are underclocked 2100+'s w/ different mults. AROIA was the stepping used for the very rare 2200+ Palomino cpu which was not out for more than a few weeks. that is why AROIA's are generally harder to come upon than AGOIA's.

what i am trying to say is that all of the AMDs have the same core and therefore other than the default multiplyer there is no difference between any of the cpus. that is why it would be better to get a 1600+ than 1800+ unless you know for sure that they 1800+ will be a AROIA Y and the 1600+ a AGOIA Y.
oooo....i get it now...one more thing:rolleyes:

If I do find a 1800+ with AROIA Y stepping how far do you think I could go with lets say a Themaltake Volcanoe 7?? How about with SKL-800 and a 50cfm 80mm fan?
i would definetly not recommend any thermaltake products for heavy overclocking. thermalright makes much better.

if you can afford it by all means get the SLK w/ the 50cfm. if you want something more affordable get a AX7 w/ 50cfm like i am currently using. I can run voltages up to 1.93v without worrying about my temps.
Well emericana im back for some more help but this time its about the mobo's you mentioned in your sticky. You said you liked abit...but when i went to look at them the one that featured on-board LAN was $130 at newegg and didnt have any serial ports. However www.tomshardware.com showed off some of what the bios had and it looks right up my alley.

The mobo i originaly was looking at was the Gigabyte GA-7VRXP. In the review I read they said they really liked its speed, dual bio (I love that idea incase i mess up while o/c'ing) and it was only priced at $103 with RAID and LAN. But they never showed any pic of the bios so im not sure if its as good for o/c'ing as Abit. Would you know if it is. Because if the gigabyte bios and abit bios are identical (o/c'ing feature wise) then I would go for the gigabyte.

---and BTW is the Vantec Tornado 80mm fan at newegg very loud....and if it is can I turn down the speed to make it more quite?----

Thank you sooo much...you seem extremely knowledgable, and thats why Im asking you.:D
first off the tornado is the absolute loudest fan that is made on the market. it sounds like a leaf blower. As of now the second loudest fan is the Delta 80cfm (which should give ZERO difference performance wise since it is only 4cfm lower than the tornado) and you can listen to the sound here: http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/tecar.html
the tornado is 4dba LOUDER than that which is INSANE!

I really do not know too much about Gigabyte other than while many of their boards are good feature wise they are not great (not bad either) for ocing nothing can touch abit.

The Abit KX7-333 (R if you want raid) is the best ocing board available now, even better than the newer KT400 boards. it you say that you want a LAN. Well a KX7 is $80 at www.mwave.com and you can get a 10/100 PCI card for 15 or 20$ so that makes the total $100.

If you want a Abit board w/ onboard lan try the Abit KD7 which specs can be found here : http://www.abit-usa.com/pt_main_back0kd7.html?pPRODUCT_TYPE=MotherBoard&pMODEL_NAME=KD7

This board is the same thing as the KX7 however it has not been able to hit as high fsbs and the board maxes out at 200fsb. However it has some nifty new features such as usb2 and AGP 8x.

good luck any other questions feel free to ask.
Where can I find one of those delta's or sunon 80mm fans that will blow 50cfm. I couldn't find any at newegg.

Errr, I'd suggest not going to great lengths to buy a card with onboard LAN, considering you can get a NIC for 15 bucks or something...

Personally, I've had great results with a MSI KT3 Ultra, which comes in around 80 bucks....
I have an athlon xp 2000+ and an A7S333 board... can you foretell my maximum clockspeed after i`ve overclock it? it only gotten up to 1800... can i get any higher coz my cpu is @ 50 celcius already. thermaltake volcano 7+,
sorry. there is no way of knowing your max clock speed but Pally's generally seem to max out at 2ghz on AGOIA/AROIA steppings so if you got one of those, that will be your max.
hey guys i just wanna post a site, www.gameve.com and they sort most of their cpus by stepping....

they have 2000+ AROIA cpu's in so if you guys want something that has a very very good chance of doing 2ghz get one of those. they are pretty reasonably priced too...

newegg also sells tbreds now and mobile amd's... mobile amds use 1.45v , run on tbred .13 A technology, and oc like mofos!!!! they are VERY expensive tho.
Could you explain the Tbreds to me? And are they worth the extra money.....AND once the 2800 comes out will the 2200 tbred go down in price?

Yes there is a price drop a week or so before or after every new cpu comes out generally

tbreds are worth the extra money if you want the extra speed. all cpus 2200+ and above are tbreds so if you want that type of speed then you need to get a tbred.

if you have a choice of say a 1700+ Palomino or 1700+ tbred I would say get the tbred (would be REV A) mainly because every single one will hit 1.8-2.0ghz while w/ the Pallys you are taking a gamble of getting a bad stepping.
When you say "that type of speed", what exactly do you mean? Also do Tbreds go by the same general stepping system as regular XP's? And I never knew they made 1700+ Tbreds....where would I find one of them.

you can get a 1700 tbred at newegg.com

what i meant by that type of speed i meant that the faster highend Athlon Xp's right now are all Tbreds (2200+, 2400+, and 2600+) so if you want to get a high end chip you will be getting a tbred but if you want to get a 2100+ and below there is a very high chance you will get a palomino.

tbreds and palominos have diff steppings. tbred A's are along the lines of AIRGA and Tbred B's are AIUCB.

palominos are AGOIA/AGOGA and about 15 others