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The beginnings of my first mod

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Feb 18, 2002
Jersey U.S
Hooray! I finished the first part of my first mod.. :) I wasn't planning on doing any more than this but after coming here everyday, I now know I can't just leave it like this... so lots more on the way... I couldn't get a decent pic of it, no matter what I tried.. I think it looks better in person than in the pics, but this is the best I could get it... I tried it with the lights out, but the top of the case if a big blue blur.. ah well.. more to come... It's not much but I'm proud of myself :D
Heh.. thanks.. Actually I was in the middle of trying to make a grill like that on my own and I wasn't sure how happy I was with it.. and then I found this link..


Decided that one looked nicer than mine.. :) I wish I could take a decent pic of it.. It's pretty cool with the eyes lit up.. It was fun trying to get that to work with the 120mm fan right behind it..

I haven't really done anything to the front yet, other then paint the drives, but here it is so far...
very kool luv the bright leds.... are there leds in the skulls eyes? cant tell......................................
Thank you everybody :D :D

Yea those are Leds in the eyes.. They look great in person, but do funny things to my camera If I take the pic straight at it..

I just scored myself about 10 4'X8' pieces of good quality plexiglass for free.. So I think the top Window is next.. Still trying to come up with something original for the rest though.. Man this is addictive.. :D
That's a NewQ Platinum.. I just liked it cause it looked cool, but it works as an equalizer for Pc sound and it can get FM stations.. I thought it was pretty though :)
Looks Great

I have yet to do a mod but seeing the results you got on your first try.... I am ready myself. :cool:
heh.. good luck.. Watch out.. It's addictive.. I wanna mod everything in the house now.. :) I've got 4 other cases I'm starting to work on, and now I'm looking at other things like.. hmmm what can I do with that? :) My girlfriend makes fun of me and says normal people pimp out their cars.. not their computers.. I dunno.. whatever.. :)