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The Benching Team needs your help! (Post here if participating)

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Bumped us up a spot in the DDR category got a few more sets of ram to test but i was impressed with these Hynix chips as they are not supposed to be the best clockers but didn't do too bad.
Pcmark05 anyone?
I do not have any 3x core cpu at all. Not even a dual that can unlock to triple. I just traded my 720BE and was thinking that I had an athlon2 x3. but I realize now that I sold it in a rig a while ago.

Anyone with an x3 cpu that can run it? If you need help with pcm05 I am learning, we can learn together.

I can try to run on x4 if I have time and LN2, but odds are looking slim that I will accomplish everything that I want before the end of the month.
I think I have a 555 that unlocks, I've been saving it for LN2 triple core globals. Might as well get some for PC05 I suppose.
I need to drag the 990FX-UD7 home and get it going.
Update!!!!! . 8/15/12
in the Team Cup we are 3rd Place!!!!

in the memory contest we are looking great!!! 1st Place!!!

1 EDO DRAM. no score. :(
2 3rd Place Woomack 332.5
3 5th Place Optytrooper 396
4 2nd Place Optytrooper 198.7
5 3rd Place Woomack 379
6 2nd Place xxrabid93 741.4
7 3rd Place Woomack 1502

in the GeForce 3dmark03 contest we are 4th Place

Stage 1: 3rd Place xsuperbgx 340 pts
Stage 2: 3rd Place xsuperbgx 482 pts
Stage 3: 5th Place xsuperbgx 1882 pts
Stage 4: 18th Place Penguinspal 1695 pts
Stage 5: 7th Place xsuperbgx 8075 pts
Stage 6: 8th Place xsuperbgx 17546 pts
Stage 7: 3rd Place xsuperbgx 33107 pts
Stage 8: 4th Place IMOG 59675 pts
Stage 9: 7th Place Bobnova 56103 pts
Stage 10: 11th Place gregmacknass 66146 pts.
Stage 11: 3rd Place Woomack 139626
Stage 12: 8th Place janus67 140012
Stage 13: 9th Place Luconosa 123600

in the pcmark2005 contest we have no submissions at all!!!!!!
anyone that has an opportunity to run this, Please do it!!!
We need results with:

1 core
2 core
3 core
4 core
6 core

Good work so far to everyone! We are in the home stretch on this. Only 15 days left to go on all contests!
Going to see what I can do to get the GTX285 running. Just need to get some LN2.

And my GTX580 score should be better. Not sure I will have time to get to both of them, but will try.
6 days left for PCmark and we only have a 1 core submissions!!!!!
im going to do a 6 core and if i got time a 4 core but REALLY PPL!
I have the parts for 1/2/3/4 core, they're on todays list.
First is EDO memory.
I worked quite a while on figuring out the pcm05 tweaks a week or two ago. Though I am not an expert, I will help anyone to figure that stuff out if they need it. The biggest things are in the "seebs owns pcm thread", though the first page is not updated, so you will have to read through it to find everything.
Got one to POST, mostly. Video card is dead though.
If it's installed, no POST.
If I pull it out, long/short/short/short = VGA issue.
I take it as promising.
Also amazing that this PSU works, thing has never been plugged in and was bought probably ~1997.
im having problems with PCmark05 it gives me the message about media coder 9+ i went to the FAQ on their wedsite and it gave me something to install did it and still gives msg alos some benchs fail so it gives me a score of 0
try pulling one of your gpu and see if that fixes it. I think it has issue with dual cards.