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The Benching Team needs your help! (Post here if participating)

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While higher individual stage rankings would have been nice from a prize standpoint, we got THIRD in a huge competition against all the best teams on HWBot. I think this calls for celebration, personally.
Makes me very proud to be part of this team. This is one of the greatest groups of people assembled in this hobby. The level of teamwork here astounds me.
It looks like our memory place got bumped up to 2nd after an AWARDFABRIK score getting kicked out for ES and no screenshot.
This is a list of all that have participated. Please let me know if I missed anyone!!!

Tech Tweaker
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Team Top Scores

AMD contest
Stage 1: 10th place Moz_21
Stage 2: 13th place Bobnova
Stage 3: 9th place Keny
Stage 4: 4th place IMOG
Stage 5: 11th place Psykoikonov

The Core2/ucbench contest

Stage 1: 1st Place IMOG
Stage 2: 12th Place drshivas
Stage 3: 9th Place Tech Tweaker
Stage 4: 4th Place SF101
Stage 5: 5th Place SF101
Stage 6: 10th Place Nooster
Stage 7: 5th Place Wagex

IGP contest

Stage 1: 8th Place TsunamiJuan
Stage 2: 4th Place Woomack
Stage 3: 15th Place kenny
Stage 4: 10th Place bobnova
STage 5: 7th Place xsuperbgx

Geforce contest

1 2nd xsuperbgx
2 3rd xsuperbgx
3 7th xsuperbgx
4 9th xsuperbgx
5 9th xsuperbgx
6 11th xsuperbgx
7 7th xsuperbgx
8 5th IMOG
9 5th IMOG
10 16th gregmacknass
11 3rd Woomack
12 11th Janus67
13 4th Tsunamijuan

Memory contest

1 6th optytrooper
2 2nd Woomack
3 10th optytrooper
4 5th optytrooper
5 6th Woomack
6 5th xxrabid93
7 2nd Woomack

Pcmark contest

1 12th Bobnova
2 12th Dejo
3 9th Bobnova
4 10th IMOG
5 17th Trekky
This is the prizes that we came up with at the beginning. (Copied from the first post)
If someone could verify the previous posts for me, then I will do the drawings.

There will be at least two random draw prizes for anybody that submits a benchmark. Likely two drawings for $20 ea.
There will be at least two more random draw prizes for the people that have our highest team score in a category. One drawing for $45 and one drawing for a motherboard.
*****we also have another prize to be given away! A Bobnova'd 8800GTS512MB with the reference cooler and vmods!!!!!******

Entries by stage won:
Optytrooper 3
Trekky 1
Bobnova 4
Woomack 5
Nooster 1
Psykoikonov 1
xsuperbgx 8
keny 2
Moz_21 1
SF101 2
gregmacknass 1
Tech Tweaker 1
I.M.O.G. 5
wagex 1
drshivas 1
Janus67 1
TsunamiJuan 2
Dejo 1
xxrabid93 1

I will start with the motherboard, then draw for the $45, then the two $20 prizes. One entry in the drawing for each stage won. One prize per person, so whomever wins the first drawing will not be eligible for the rest of the prizes and the person that wins the second drawing is not eligible for the rest of the prizes. etc.

For the memory contest, it looks like we will get a couple sets of ram. We will have a drawing between the memory stage winners for those. I think it would be best to wait on that until we get a confirmation from hwbot.
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Looks correct too me.

The memory clock makes me sad. It sucks knowing that barrring hardware failures I could have done better. I can't help feeling I let the team down..... You should see my CUSL2-C damn thing looks like it literally caught fire which it did.

On a happier note we did damn well considering we only had arouind 20 people benching!
Added another prize: 8800GTS512MB with the reference cooler and vmods.

I will do the drawing tonight or in the a.m. I am just leaving to go out hunting for a while. I will see if I can put a stream up when I do the drawings.
Oohhhh prizes, I also think we did damn good for such a small team :beer:

ya i got alot of points from this!! only need 6 point to get to 20 and i got to run some on my 1100T and have not even started on other CPUs
I haven't done this before, so it may be lame to watch.
I will do the mobo first.

Optytrooper 1-3
Trekky 4
Bobnova 5-8
Woomack 9-13
Nooster 14
Psykoikonov 15
xsuperbgx 16-23
keny 24-25
Moz_21 26
SF101 27-28
gregmacknass 29
Tech Tweaker 30
I.M.O.G. 31-35
wagex 36
drshivas 37
Janus67 38
TsunamiJuan 39-40
Dejo 41
xxrabid93 42
10 wins the mobo. Congrats Woomack.

now will do the GPU
Optytrooper 1-3
Trekky 4
Bobnova 5-8
Nooster 9
Psykoikonov 10
xsuperbgx 11-18
keny 19-20
Moz_21 21
SF101 22-23
gregmacknass 24
Tech Tweaker 25
I.M.O.G. 26-30
wagex 31
drshivas 32
Janus67 33
TsunamiJuan 34-35
Dejo 36
xxrabid93 37
20 wins Congrats keny!

now I will do the $45 prize

Optytrooper 1-3
Trekky 4
Bobnova 5-8
Nooster 9
Psykoikonov 10
xsuperbgx 11-18
Moz_21 19
SF101 20-21
gregmacknass 22
Tech Tweaker 23
I.M.O.G. 24-28
wagex 29
drshivas 30
Janus67 31
TsunamiJuan 32-33
Dejo 34
xxrabid93 35
12 wins = xsupergbx I will roll it to the next contest/contests
11Tech Tweaker

will draw 2 randoms for participants $20
11 and 16 win
Tech tweaker and ATMINSIDE both win a $20 prize
Congrats to the winners!
Thanks to everyone who participated! Now get your 3450 for the next contest!

memory guys will get memory drawings when we get info from hwbot.
1 6th optytrooper
2 2nd Woomack
3 10th optytrooper
4 5th optytrooper
5 6th Woomack
6 5th xxrabid93
7 2nd Woomack