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The Benching Team needs your help! (Post here if participating)

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Team cup results!
Our team ended up in 3rd Place in the HWbot Team Cup!
Good work to all that participated and Congratulations!

Congrats Woomack, Keny, and xsupergbx! They were the winners for the stage winner drawings.

Tech tweaker and ATMINSIDE both win a $20 prize for participation.

AMD contest tied for 8/9th Place

Stage 1: 10th place Moz_21
Stage 2: 13th place Bobnova
Stage 3: 9th place Keny
Stage 4: 4th place IMOG
Stage 5: 11th place Psykoikonov

The Core2/ucbench contest 5th Place

Stage 1: 1st Place IMOG
Stage 2: 12th Place drshivas
Stage 3: 9th Place Tech Tweaker
Stage 4: 4th Place SF101
Stage 5: 5th Place SF101
Stage 6: 10th Place Nooster
Stage 7: 5th Place Wagex

IGP contest 7th Place

Stage 1: 8th Place TsunamiJuan
Stage 2: 4th Place Woomack
Stage 3: 15th Place kenny
Stage 4: 10th Place bobnova
STage 5: 7th Place xsuperbgx

Geforce contest 4th Place

1 2nd xsuperbgx
2 3rd xsuperbgx
3 7th xsuperbgx
4 9th xsuperbgx
5 9th xsuperbgx
6 11th xsuperbgx
7 7th xsuperbgx
8 5th IMOG
9 5th IMOG
10 16th gregmacknass
11 3rd Woomack
12 11th Janus67
13 4th Tsunamijuan

Memory contest 2nd Place

1 6th optytrooper
2 2nd Woomack
3 10th optytrooper
4 5th optytrooper
5 6th Woomack
6 5th xxrabid93
7 2nd Woomack

Pcmark contest 12th Place

1 12th Bobnova
2 12th Dejo
3 9th Bobnova
4 10th IMOG
5 17th Trekky

Check here for info: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7288813#post7288813

Thanks to IMOG, Bobnova, and xsuperbgx for donation of the prizes!
cool, mobo :bday: ... nice as my dead mobo stock is growing lately :p
... one question about it ... what mobo is it ? :)
The mobo was a 990FXA-UD5H I think... The one I won in a Gigabyte AMD competition a long time ago, and it had been sitting in my garage waiting to be given away forever. I actually just gave it and my old CIVE to another benching team member... Because I forgot it was part of this comp's giveaway. :chair:

It turns out Woomack had one of those, and just got rid of it recently... So he's going to let me know what OTHER Gigabyte board(s) he might be interested in, and I'm going to see what they'll send.
We finally got confirmation on the memory prizes for the team cup. I am going to do the drawing, we can get the memory to the people that helped out. I will do the drawing so that each stage won is an entry. Only one prize per person.

1 optytrooper
2 woomack
3 optytrooper
4 optytrooper
5 woomack
6 xxrabid93
7 woomack

I will throw up a quick livestream to do the drawing.

I will draw for one set, then remove the winners entries to do the drawing for the second set. Good luck guys!
6 is the winner congrats xxrabid93!!

The next drawing

1 optytrooper
2 woomack
3 optytrooper
4 optytrooper
5 woomack
6 woomack
3 is the winner
congrats optytrooper!

Would both of the winners please PM me their info.
What I need for shipping is:

- name
- address
- email
- phone number