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The Benching Team needs your help! (Prizes too!)

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It should. Give it a shot and see what happens!
Worst case you have to clear CMOS and put the GPU back in.
Update!!! 7/10/12

Good Job so far!! We are looking real good in these contests! If we can get submissions in for everything it would move us up very nicely. We are in the running to be at the top of any of these categories. The core2 / ucbench is the next contest to close and we still need submissions in 2 categories!! As of right now there is only a little over 4 days left in that contest!
Anyone with a core 2 era chip should run ucbench and see if they can get a higher score.

Core2/ucbench 5th place

Stage 1: 1st Place IMOG 472
Stage 2: Core 2 3000 series Celeron E3200 - E3500 -No result yet
Stage 3: Core 2 4000 series Core2 E4200 to E4700 -No result yet
Stage 4: 2nd Place SF101 575 pts
Stage 5: 3rd Place SF101 908 Pts
Stage 6: 4th Place Nooster 453 Pts
Stage 7: 8th Place Wagex 821.5 Pts

Geforce/ 3dmark 2003 3rd Place

Stage 1: 2nd Place xsuperbgx 340 pts
Stage 2: 9th Place optytrooper 154 pts

Stage 3: Geforce3 series. includes: Geforce3, Geforce3 ti 500 (etc.)
-No result yet

Stage 4: 15th Place Penguinspal 1695 pts
Stage 5: 12th Place TechTweaker 1359 pts
Stage 6: 5th Place xsuperbgx 15958 pts.
Stage 7: 7th Place xsuperbgx 32348 pts.
Stage 8: 4th Place IMOG 57234 pts.
Stage 9: 4th Place Bobnova 56291 pts.
Stage 10: 7th Place gregmacknass 64348 pts.
Stage 11: 1st Place Woomack 139626
Stage 12: 6th Place moocow 121537
Stage 13: 3rd Place Luconosa 123600

IGP/ 3dmark 2006 -10th place

stage 1: 4th Place Wagex 6628 pts
stage 2: No submission yet. Intel GMA HD (Ivy / Sandy bridge)
stage 3: 4th Place Trekky 2656 pts
stage 4: No submission yet. Geforce IGP
stage 5: No submission yet. Intel GMA
is there anyway to up my score? can i do 3dmark in safe mode?
mill turning off 2 cores and upping my CPu to 4.4ghz help also
If so wants the max amount of Voltage should i pull (to be Safe)
1.44? or more (how much more)
also i can push my IGP to a Max of 1100mhz how do i up voltage on that (IE what would it be called)
IGP is in the NB (not the CPU_NB!).
Feel free to turn off cores till you have two left. Max safe air volts for that core per AMD is 1.5 to 1.55. I know they've been significantly higher than that on air without issue.
How much voltage the NB can take I don't know.

More ram speed. More CPU_NB speed (cache, plus all memory data goes through it).
More sideport speed. Be aware that the sideport ram chip (assuming that board has one) almost certainly does not touch the NB heatsink, so you're going to want some airflow going under the heatsink as well.
Only 3 Days Left for core 2 submissions!!!!!

We are in serious need of an E3000 series submission.
Update 7/29

Good work so far! If you have an IGP now is time for your submissions! There is just over one day left! We still have no submission for Geforce integrated! If you have one we need your help!

In the IGP contest we are 7th overall

AMD Llano- 9th Place Wagex
Intel GMA HD 3rd Place Woomack
AMD HD3000 and HD4000 10th Place kenny
Geforce- !!!!!NO SUBMISSION!!!!
Intel GMA 4th Place xsuperbgx

Anyone that has any of these is encouraged to run 3dmark 2006 and submit your results. For any tips on improving your score please post here or in the benchmarking section.

Only 46 hours to go!!!
Update!!!!! . 8/15/12
in the Team Cup we are 3rd Place!!!!

in the memory contest we are looking great!!! 1st Place!!!

1 EDO DRAM. no score. :(
2 3rd Place Woomack 332.5
3 5th Place Optytrooper 396
4 2nd Place Optytrooper 198.7
5 3rd Place Woomack 379
6 2nd Place xxrabid93 741.4
7 3rd Place Woomack 1502

in the GeForce 3dmark03 contest we are 4th Place

Stage 1: 3rd Place xsuperbgx 340 pts
Stage 2: 3rd Place xsuperbgx 482 pts
Stage 3: 5th Place xsuperbgx 1882 pts
Stage 4: 18th Place Penguinspal 1695 pts
Stage 5: 7th Place xsuperbgx 8075 pts
Stage 6: 8th Place xsuperbgx 17546 pts
Stage 7: 3rd Place xsuperbgx 33107 pts
Stage 8: 4th Place IMOG 59675 pts
Stage 9: 7th Place Bobnova 56103 pts
Stage 10: 11th Place gregmacknass 66146 pts.
Stage 11: 3rd Place Woomack 139626
Stage 12: 8th Place janus67 140012
Stage 13: 9th Place Luconosa 123600

in the pcmark2005 contest we have no submissions at all!!!!!!
anyone that has an opportunity to run this, Please do it!!!
We need results with:

1 core
2 core
3 core
4 core
6 core

Good work so far to everyone! We are in the home stretch on this. Only 15 days left to go on all contests!
Team cup results!
Our team ended up in 3rd Place in the HWbot Team Cup!
Good work to all that participated and Congratulations!

Congrats Woomack, Keny, and xsupergbx! They were the winners for the stage winner drawings.

Tech tweaker and ATMINSIDE both win a $20 prize for participation.

AMD contest tied for 8/9th Place

Stage 1: 10th place Moz_21
Stage 2: 13th place Bobnova
Stage 3: 9th place Keny
Stage 4: 4th place IMOG
Stage 5: 11th place Psykoikonov

The Core2/ucbench contest 5th Place

Stage 1: 1st Place IMOG
Stage 2: 12th Place drshivas
Stage 3: 9th Place Tech Tweaker
Stage 4: 4th Place SF101
Stage 5: 5th Place SF101
Stage 6: 10th Place Nooster
Stage 7: 5th Place Wagex

IGP contest 7th Place

Stage 1: 8th Place TsunamiJuan
Stage 2: 4th Place Woomack
Stage 3: 15th Place kenny
Stage 4: 10th Place bobnova
STage 5: 7th Place xsuperbgx

Geforce contest 4th Place

1 2nd xsuperbgx
2 3rd xsuperbgx
3 7th xsuperbgx
4 9th xsuperbgx
5 9th xsuperbgx
6 11th xsuperbgx
7 7th xsuperbgx
8 5th IMOG
9 5th IMOG
10 16th gregmacknass
11 3rd Woomack
12 11th Janus67
13 4th Tsunamijuan

Memory contest 2nd Place

1 6th optytrooper
2 2nd Woomack
3 10th optytrooper
4 5th optytrooper
5 6th Woomack
6 5th xxrabid93
7 2nd Woomack

Pcmark contest 12th Place

1 12th Bobnova
2 12th Dejo
3 9th Bobnova
4 10th IMOG
5 17th Trekky

Check here for info: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7288813#post7288813

Thanks to IMOG, Bobnova, and xsuperbgx for donation of the prizes!