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The best GPUS for 2024.

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I feel like this article is quite pointless and I disagree with some comments. It should be more like why this generation you should avoid everything that is not Nvidia and why there are only 3-4 interesting GPUs.
As much as I wish Intel were good, it's not. I also wish AMD were efficient, but it's not. I won't use anything that is 300W+ in a daily PC that stands on the desk next to me and makes a lot of noise. I feel like RTX4070 or higher Nvidia is worth something. Everything else is disappointing or a waste of money.
Even leading graphics card manufacturers don't believe in AMD or Intel this generation. ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI offer only a few RX7000 models. 7900XT/XTX may perform well, but 320W+ is way too much, and most models have noisy coolers.
7900GRE is a mistake as it's still a 320W+ card but performs like a 170W RTX4070 (not even Super). In the article, 7900GRE has an average of 260W. In my mixed 3D tests, it wasn't going below 300W in games, and spikes were up to 370W+ without any OC. In the same tests RTX4070 FE balance between 150 and 170W.
It's info to all users. Not everyone can be happy. They take it with a grain of salt. It gives users a guide for them to compare. And I agree with what you said about AMD(n)
Yeah I don't get out the Intel cards are all at considered for a gaming purpose at this point, their only real utility is in a NAS as an encoder/decoder for Plex or similar, IMO.