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The Best Motherboard

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I like my abit kt7a. no raid problems and multiplier problems. I don't like asus, if the mobo went bad their will sent you refurbish mobo.
explorer (Apr 28, 2001 10:31 p.m.):
Does anyone have recommendations for the best mobo for overclocking?

I'd recommend Abit, Asus or IWill. Look at them and pick the one you like best (ie. jumpers or BIOS settings).
I agree w/ Tachyon, chooseing a MOBO is basically a personal preference.
It largly depends on what your goals are, pushing a CPU to the max, bulding a gaming rig or just as a daily workhorse. You ahve to decide where you are going w/ it. Read as many reviews and forum comments on the boards you are interested in, weight the +/- of the MOBO's in question and make a fairly educated choice from there.
My Epox 8kta3+ hasnt given any problems running a standard 1gig t-bird for a couple of months now. Its also getting to the point now where a little tinkering is overdue. now that i know there are no problems with my rig.

all the best


try using 3 dimms

and tell me something about stability

also have epox 8kta3+
I have an Abit Kt7-raid and besides the fsb un-overclocking ability I like it. I would look into the Abit Kt7E motherboard. It's nearly identical to the Kt7A yet only costs about 100 bucks. Definitely worth it if the reviews are somewhat correct.
Simple. KK266 by IWILL. faq at fullon3d.com has 25 reviews at the end that tells you so. IWILL forum at amdm.com has users verifying this as well.

It is also not just for OC'ing. it is the fastest stablest OC'ing board out there. PERIOD..

Almost forgot the poll at hardforums