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The best TNT2 stable overclock!!

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Feb 7, 2002
I have a 16mb tnt2 riva m64 and i havent added anything to it, jus regular hs on core and no hs on ram. Well i stuck a case fan on top of the core hs. But anyways i was finally able to get my card oc'd from 133/166 to 160/220 stable not bad for a tnt2 ehh?? too bad i lowered back to what it originally after half an hour was cause my temps went from 40 to 70.(C)


Aug 11, 2001
"The Southland" California
i've gotton it up to 168/165 with no fan; after about 170 core, the screen gets all screwed up, maybe I could go higher with the ram.

by the way my card normally(default) runs a 125/145!


Aug 23, 2001
Central Pa
hey thats cool... what went from 40C to 70C the vid card? or your case temp? and if it was the vid card how did you get the temp?


Feb 5, 2002
CrackedSKull said:
lol- just tried putting my memory at 195, wow as soon as I pressed ok bam it flash so many colors and parts of characters that screen about exploded:D

darn :( looks like you fried your card! I have an old pci card that looks like that cause its fried, and not from overclocking. bad ram.
what a fun way to kill a card! anyways most vantas overclock quite well, but they cant even hold a candle to a geforce!