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The BEST???

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New Member
Jan 20, 2001
I would like to know what the best heatsink and fan would be for a 1ghz t'bird in socket a format on an abit kt7 raid.

i heard something about a super hedgehog? does anyone have alink to info on this and where to buy it from in england?

i am new if you hadn't guessed

From what I've read the hedgehog isn't as spectacular as first evaluated. All in all it seems to run a little behind the PEP66 in several reviews. It's weight is a problem for some slotkets also.
I think the alpha pal 6035 is the best engineered and most efficient sink out there today , but there is alot of new aircooling out there ,but for the size-noise-performance and compatability the 6035 is tough to beat............OH ya ,,the pep66 is also overweight by the socket manufacturers spec.
the reveiws on heat sinks are all over the place tom`s hardware gave the hog a bad reveiw but anandtech placed it number1

in my case it`s working great 39C full load 1.91 volts OCed to 1233

not to shabby
Stay away from the PEP66. I bought one from Tom Leufkens. The clip failed and killed my 800 mHz Bird. On top of that, Leufkens would not answer my email about the situation. Get a FOP32 or FOP38 if you can stand the noise. My 1 gHz Bird is stable at 1243 mHz and 43 degrees under full load with a FOP32.

U can find Hedgehog's, Alpha's, GlobalWin and other coolers at: www.overclockers.co.uk
Although the Hedgehog is a pretty good cooler along with the Alpha's it isnt really much different. the Hedgehog has a copper heatsink with less dense fins which detract from its heat dissipation. The Super Hedgehog uses a FOP38 fan pushing 37CFM but at a price - NOISE. You can here how LOUD a variety of fans sound like at: www.ocinside.de The site takes a while to load but it's the only site I have come across where you can actually here how loud a particular fan is !!
the pal 6035 is the best, no doubt !!
apply some artic silver between ur cpu and heatsink and u get the best air cooling system !!