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The Computer Hygene Project (was Break in that Globalwin h/s clip)

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New Member
Jun 29, 2001
I never thought of metal oxides, I checked some toothepastes but they didn't have any. I have noticed that just about all deoderents have aluminium oxide. It would make for a fun experement to try out differnet toothpastes, deoderents and whatever else you wanted to try. As I mentioned before, the performance did drop after awhile and when I removed the h/s the toothpaste was dried and brown. Maybe colgate will come out with a silver based toothpaste. :) Well, keep up that pc hygene!

cjtune (Jul 22, 2001 11:12 a.m.):
What's inside toothpaste? Do they have metal oxides there? Haha looks like my varsity lab threw away money by buying water-based silicone thermal grease when they could have used .... toothpaste! Hmmm, toothpaste....
Here are Hoot's suggestions for emergency substitutes(although the shack goop is very good and very cheap).

Hoot’s Alternatives to Thermal Grease

Get some thermal compound on that thing. Until you do, use a thin layer of petroleum jelly, dialectric grease, even Crisco! They're better than nothing!