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The copper legs on CPUs

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Leo Optimus

New Member
Jan 5, 2002
I didn't know where to put this post since there was no Evergreen cpu area.
Well anyways I have a Evergreen MxPro 200 on a old computer and I didn't notice that there was a wire stuck into it. I had cleaned the case the other day so it was on its side. When I turned it on its stand I didn't check until later. I stopped the computer and looked into the case. I saw a wire stuck into the fan's path and I touched the heatsink. MAN was it HOT!! I was like oh crap!! It's cooking! I smelled some funny stuff, so I decided to take it out of the motherboard to cool. I took some paper to hold it and I could feel the heat searing through. After I let it cool I looked on the copper legs 2 of them were missing. I thought I had burned them off so I checked the motherboard for pieces of it, nothing there. I am not sure if the CPU is suppose to be like that I got it a long time ago. So my question is if a couple legs are gone can you still use the CPU? and if you can will you lose performance?
Copper legs? Do you ahve any pics of the victim so that I can get an idea of what you are talking about cause I cant picture what it is that you are talking about.
intel section would probly be the bst place for a question like that (runs on an INTEL board does it not?)

About the missing pins.... Is it a spectra???? as at work we have a 233 evergreen upgrade chip laying around and I noticed it was missing some pins aswell.... after reading your post about missing pins, I think it MAY be safe to say that is normal, give it a try and let us all know.