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The Curious Expedition

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Aug 14, 2014
While i have never been a big fan of Indie games every now and then a jewel pops up like Knights of Pen and Paper. What drew me to this one in particular was the reviews :

"Wanders around aimlessly looking for a golden pyramid all the while after every place you stop at, your british soldier sets fire to it. After a while sanity is low and my Chef wanders off into the wilderness. Continue on without her. On next expedition in a new continent, meet a shaman and get rid of british soldier's pyromaniac trait, Yay!. He immediately gains the trait back and sets fire to shaman's house. At camp one night and chef returns, lol wut you were in another continent... Immediately shoots herself in front of my trek. Next day british soldier burns camp and we get ambushed by panthers and die."

"Before I set sails to uncharted lands, I told a worried wife that I would help find her husband. Months later, I do find the missing husband, and we happen across a slave trader. Due to the unforgiving terrain and wild animals about, I end up selling him off for needed supplies to continue my journey for fame and fortune."

"Treasure, fame, and sometimes cannabalism. What's not to like?"

Has anyone played it yet ? - http://store.steampowered.com/app/358130/
Dec 13, 2005
Seems entertaining but not $15 entertaining. I'll have to see what it hits during the next steam sale.