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the death of my beloved 4400

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Jul 28, 2002
Boise Idaho
in an attempt to cool my geforce 4 better i attached a copper athlon xp heatsink to it when temps didn't go down, in fact they went up, i tried to remove it and ended up with this result. the GPU is torn in half!!! that some damn strong glue!!! oh well i'll put up with my all in wonder until nv30 :)
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man thats some expensive toys your messin up there. Well now ppl know, LOL sorry bud, but now otherr ppl know not to use cpu coolers on GPU's.
i feel better now, i got a 64 meg 4200 for 25 bux at work and to my amazement it actually gets better 3dmark scores than the 4400!! and i haven't overclocked it yet! i used...actually i can't get the tube off the desk as it is glued on but it's some noname super glue.
woa woa wao... you used superglue????

that was your problem... superglue doesn't conduct heat very well.

You should have used arctic alumina epoxy.
am i hearing you right ? you used super glue on your gf4 4400?? one question ... WHY? no offense but what went through your head at that moment... not thinking about the what if it requires dissasembaly *SP* part there eh? lol sucks that you broke your gpu .. hopefully you learned your lesson to think things out.. :D
I don't see how superglue could rip up a GPU like that.

In the future if you need to remove a heatsink from a video card, put it in the freezer for a while first to make the glue more brittle.