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The evils of integration

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Ugmore Baggage

Feb 12, 2002
On the front page there's what look like a warning about a product that supposedly works as advertised. That is, the mobo that has an integrated Duron processor. Okay so afaik there's no such thing as a AMD 1200+ but they clearly state that it runs at 850Mhz. Is it an official "XP" product member? Dunno and I don't really think it makes much difference to many people.

If you aren't going to read past the title of a product you'll wind up wiath all sorts of stuff you don't want. Do people watch TV anymore? Do they look at what's claimed in the ads?

We may as well go after Wonder Bread and anybody who claims "works like magic". Yesterday I went to NewEgg (one of the best places to shop imo) and saw a Radeon 8500 still advetrised as the fastest processor available... That would be enough for anybody who sees Duron 1200+ and thinks he's getting 1200mhz (despite claims otherwise).

That mobo isn't for me, but when I was looking for an ultracheap (99% emphasis) server I considered it. Finally I decided I don't need a server anyway :p so I didn't make a final choice. I certainly had no illusions about what it was. The only thing is, 1200+ seems a bit high for 850. Shouldn't its PR be around 1000?

This bothers me and I almost put this post in Gripes and moans but I noticed that all the posts there are non-tech related. If a company tries to rip you off, shame on them. If you see something you don't want, shame on you. AMD PR naming stinks, but it's a reaction to PR production on intel's part so I see no real winner/loser in any of this, Duron "1200+"s inclusive.


Jun 15, 2001
I totally agree. I don't think they should be allowed to sell a Duron as a 1200+ when there really is no such thing. It makes me wonder if they got the go ahead from AMD on this one, but the ones I've seen are from well known board makers (PCChips and ECS), and they aren't trying really hard to hide the fact that its really an 850.

But for a very cheap solution for a server, or for grandma to learn how to email, this does look like an ok deal.

I also think 1200+ is a little high, too. Seeing as how the PR naming comes from the tbird equivalent, there is no way an 850 duron is as fast as a 1.2 tbird.


Oct 4, 2002
It has been overclocked to 893mhz. I realize that this is now on the front page. I bought one of those boards as part of a barebones kit on eBay. This is the auction that I won. There are others exactly like it ending on a daily basis. Nowhere does it mention that it is really 850, though they can somewhat get away with this because the + indicates that it runs as this. The kicker is that it is oc'd and they don't say a word about that.

In case you were wondering why I bought it, I was looking for a value-system to build and then sell off. As it turns out, I'm essentially out of the $140 that I paid them. >=\

Edit: They've agreed to give me a complete refund. :beer:
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