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The Folding Contest Is now Live!!

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Senior whose title will pier
Mar 17, 2002
Thats right folks the folding contest is live!

And Here is the first prize to be given away!!!

Corsair 650 watt Powersupply.

I'm sorry guys, we've had some donations fall through the table. As a result, most if not all the prizes are used this time around. :( (at least they have been tested ahead of time and work very well ;))

The mystery prize is the final prize that will bring the contest to a close, (your only hint is the shape of the blackout) ;) The mystery prize may change in the next few days and that is why I am not posting it up right now.


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Senior whose title will pier
Mar 17, 2002
So far we got 66 contestants Odds of winning are astoundingly much higher than any lottery or nationwide contest
Name   Folding Name   Start Date   Starting Points       
EarthDog   Caligula420   7-Dec   856,959       
||Console||   __Console__   7-Dec   4,413,384       
sneakysnowman   sneakysnowman   7-Dec   12,220,003       
torin3   Torin3   7-Dec   25,884,310       
harlam357   harlam357   7-Dec   31,460,733       
petteyg359   petteyg359   7-Dec   994,202       
deadlysyn   8thDeadlySyn   7-Dec   1,741,333       
MARCI   BenMoore   7-Dec   1,121,218       
AmbientFiction   The_Penguin   7-Dec   494,023       
WonderingSoul   WonderingSoul   7-Dec   1,466,306       
NV   NV   7-Dec   1,438,817       
FatCamel   FatCamel   7-Dec   444,712       
Bobnova   Bobnova   7-Dec   379,078       
Jolly-Swagman   JollySwagman   7-Dec   6,464,123       
dark bishop   dark_bishop   7-Dec   1,356,527       
Khemikal   khemikal   7-Dec   340,264       
Outback__Jon   Outback_Jon   7-Dec   1,287,014       
klear   klear   7-Dec   14,194,659       
flaughert   flaughert   7-Dec   82,742       
baditude_df   baditude_df   7-Dec   46,295       
Sydney   Sydney   7-Dec   268,561       
porvalsh   porvalsh   7-Dec   689,553       
jacknsally   jacknsally   7-Dec   2,871,677       
iceage   cgcihil   7-Dec   1,017,209       
Surferseth   surferseth   7-Dec   8,639,087       
joedymueller   joedymueller   7-Dec   2,995,773       
gottcha   gottcha   7-Dec   576,569       
xsuperbgx   xsuperbgx   7-Dec   1,650,539       
hayesk   hayesk   7-Dec   53,771,662       
drshivas   cshive5   7-Dec   13,667,012       
Roisen   Roisen   7-Dec   1,236,330       
sedave77   clint   7-Dec   2,736,426       
CJ-5   CJ5   7-Dec   3,857,500       
Voidn   voidn   7-Dec   4,371,567       
Maverick0984   Maverick0984   7-Dec   643,716       
{PMS}fishy   pmsfishy   7-Dec   7,890,234       
computekinc.us   computekinc.us   7-Dec   45,136,944       
visionco   visionco   7-Dec   29,081,400       
dylskee   N/A   7-Dec   ????       
ebug122   ebug122   7-Dec   238,042       
Orion456   Orion456   7-Dec   38,740,835       
belorsch   belorsch   7-Dec   2,070,776       
DismorphiC   dismorphic   7-Dec   10,383,010       
dfonda   dfonda_Team32   7-Dec   10,009,182       
wingless   texasoverclockers   7-Dec   644,918       
PhilColwill   PhilColwill   7-Dec   1,359,438       
PenguinsPal   penguinspal   7-Dec   52,477       
jintatsu   jintatsu   7-Dec   3,644,807       
the_cultie   the_cultie   7-Dec   1,636,761       
PeddlerOfFlesh   peddlerofflesh   7-Dec   4,922,357       
otogrim   otogrim   7-Dec   390,484       
DavitJa   davidja   7-Dec   44,460       
Cowboy X   Cowboy_x(www.overclockers.com)   7-Dec   588,497       
Bluefalcon13   JLF12345   7-Dec   326,002       
ChasR   ChasR   7-Dec   125,145,043       
jerseytomato   jerseytomato   7-Dec   18,641,237       
WedgeWhacko   WedgeWhacko   7-Dec   21,182       
QuietIce   QuietIce   7-Dec   20,236       
staticpage   staticpage   7-Dec   89,789       
Is_907   Is_907   7-Dec   2,233,381       
cbenn16   cbenn16   7-Dec   58,657       
~(o)-(0)~   jumpncrash   7-Dec   730,968       
Audioaficionado   audioaficionado   7-Dec   8,228,718       
cuda340   Bayna   7-Dec   38,137,983       
turbohans   Turbohans   7-Dec   283,619
awww sad days it came out all ugly
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May 2, 2002
Keller, TX
Never underestimate a good PSU. Seriously, I often splurge on new vid cards or CPUs but you NEED a good PSU to keep them happy.

I'm excited about this contest!


Northern Senior
Apr 24, 2007
Alrighty! Add a couple 4890's to the list. Just brought them online and consoles on each indicate all systems go!


Senior Member
May 10, 2009
I'm trying to figure out how i can OC one or more of my boxes further for folding.
Not having much luck :p
The e1200 is maxed out as far as it's G31 board is concerned (334 crashes instantly).
The AthII 245 is at 3.5, it might do more but FAH is the only stability test i have for linux that works in ubuntu 9.10, superpi has insta-segfaults, it's a bug, not a feature.
The e5200 is going as fast as it can at reasonable voltage, [email protected].