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The greatest case i have ever seen

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Man that sounds wicked. The case looks extremely cool. It is really clean and nice! Lighting rocks. Materials rocks! Dayum!
almost as cool as mine:


part of the point is that this guy stuffed a Prometia AND a water cooling system into a Lian Li AND at the same time made it look BEAUTIFUL. he completly rearanged the innards of the case as well which is very cool.
thats a whole lot of fans for watercooling. he must really be getting a lot of heat off of it, but looks very nice. i would have to agree the back panel is most impressive
Lithan said:
the hells a prometia?

Prometeia are extreme cooling devices like a Vapochill which consists of a compressor, evaporator and some other parts which I'm not farmiliar with that cools into sub zero temperatures and it's very consistant up to like 100 watts of heat. The Prometeia's are in fact, better than the Vapochill because of maintaining better temperatures.

xbiker321 said:
WHAT !?!?!? I can't hear you guys...the noise of all the fans are making my ears bleed, but it sure looks nice. :drool:

There is no noise ad all, al the fan`s are @5V, and also get the right rpm by the prometeia and the fan bus.
So the watercooling you can`t hear, and the Prometeia making only a litle sound when it`s getting start up. Just the same like the freezer at your home.

ps, you can better have 10 fan`s @5v than 2 fan`s on 12v with a high rpm.
wow, a.p.versteeg that is one nice case/system.

would you mind giving more detials of your system, like how long it took to mod as well as the cost to build it, i'm sure we are all wondering the sam.

Thanks, Digital