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The guts of a refrigerator to cool an AMD

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Mar 22, 2001
Had this great idea to take the freon cooling system out of a small refrig and put it in my case to cool my cpu and pci cards .
Anny sugestions has anny one tried this yet or am i nuts.
Depending on the environmental conditions in your computer room, you may have problems with condensation.

That's what it thought was going to be the main problem. I was considering sealing it
And I also heard of some kind of water proofer for electronics that might help but I am not sure of name of the stuff. I know that the military uses it on all of their equipment
Conformal Coating

Get an abandoned or "for cheap" Frost Free refrigerator. Put the mobo in the freezer and the rest in the fridge part. People get rid of perfectly good appliances all the time.

Thats the stuff the name just left my mind.
The mobo in the fridge is not quite what I had in mind I realy want to put the fridge in the computer to cool it with ducts no joke I was thinking of using a small fridge.
Might be better to figure a way to use the fridge to cool a water cooling system instead. Your going to need a big case to fit the compressor and coils.