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The importance of G-Sync?

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Aug 28, 2016
So a little backstory for everyone before I ask my question... I've been using an MSI R9 390x and a BenQ XL2730z monitor(Freesync). On Thursday I bought and replaced them with an MSI 1070GTX and an ASUS PG279Q(G-Sync). I was able to use the PG279Q for about an hour before it completely **** the bed on me. It basically stopped recognizing that it was connected with a Display Port cable and would revert to 24hz refresh rate, while constantly flicking and turning on/off. It wouldn't even recognize an HDMI cable when I attempted to switch cables to test it out. I returned the monitor to NCIX(the store I bought it from) and they're going to send me a new one once they're back in stock.

So right now I currently have the option to wait for them to send me a new one, or simply get a refund. My question here for you fine folks is this, how important is G-Sync anyways?
I am an avid gamer and I'd say probably 60% of my computer time is spent gaming. I play mostly World of Warcraft but I also play a lot of other games such as Battlefield 4(where refresh rate matters more than say WoW for example). I've had the BenQ XL2730z for a while now and quite frankly I can't tell much of a difference when Freesync is enabled as opposed to when it's turned off.

I've had Freesync turned off since Friday due to me having to use my Freesync monitor with my new 1070(as you all know you can't use Freesync with an Nvidia card and G-Sync with an AMD card). My BenQ is a beautiful monitor but the ASUS blows it out of the water in terms of color, but I am seriously debating just getting a refund at this point. The dead on arrival quality control of the ASUS really left a sour taste in my mouth and quite frankly I don't know if it's worth the $1100 CDN I spend on it.

So in your opinion, how important is G-Sync/Freesync for gaming? Should I get a refund on my ASUS and just use my BenQ XL2730z with my GTX 1070 and never use Freesync?
Depends if the games are smooth enough for you already on the screen and your not having lag? Gsync helps with stuttering also input lag.
1070GTX will run many (most?) older games easily at 60FPS+. Unless you have some very demanding games that dip below 60FPS regularly, I'm not sure if G-Sync would be a necessity for you.

That being said, every review I've seen always sings praises about G-Sync, and that there is a noticeable difference compared to Freesync. Much like 120Hz becoming a "gamers must have once you've seen it" and "you'll never go back to 60Hz monitors", most reviews says the same about G-Sync when it comes to games.

About the Asus, you're basically getting the current #1 monitor for gaming. It has and does everything that any gamer could ever want in a gaming monitor, but it is plagued by quality control issues. Lots of stories of DOA monitors or monitors that failed in some way in a short amount of time after first use (couple of days or weeks). But it's such a great monitor that many willing play the monitor "lottery" just to score a perfectly working one, even as expensive as it is. I want one myself, but I can't justify the cost right now.
First I'd like to start off by saying the PG279Q is such a huge crapshoot in quality control that it makes my sides ache. The alternative is the Acer XB271HU, of which I recommend over the PG279Q. A large portion of issue with the 279Q according to CallSignVega was the mounting method involved for the panel itself inside the monitor, which is prone to causing issues with the screens whereas this is something that Acer has revised for less stress on the screen, and Vega took notice when he purchased several of each panel for testing purposes and also testing quality control direct from e-tailor purchases. The Acer XB271HU has far far better quality control, but keep in mind, you will still be playing panel lottery at the end of the day, you just have a better chance of winning it with the Acer. Not to mention ASUS still has yet to fix the problems suffered with their PG278Q in regards to quality control, something not new to the ASUS brand. Raja making promises he can't keep.

Now, as for G-Sync, if you are playing at UNDER 143 FPS, G-Sync is pretty fantastic all-around, HOWEVER, if you consistently see 144+ FPS you may prefer to use ULMB, a wonderful alternative feature on these great panels.
<144 = G-Sync
>=144 = ULMB

Once you get a proper working PG279Q, they are fantastic monitors, I hope you really enjoy yours.
Thank you to everyone who's replied, you guys have been a great help.

At this point I think I will keep the monitor instead of refunding it. I should be getting my replacement soon and I just hope that this one doesn't die on me immediately like the first one did :)

If I continue having issues then I will simply refund it and get the ACER as it was next on my list.