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The last hours have not been fun I dont know what happend.

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Dec 28, 2001
Toronto, Canada
Okay so first I am surfing the net getting info for a school project with my friend. Net stops responding, okay so my isp is down for a few minutes no biggy.

I wait an hour still not working so I call just to see if they know of it, well turns out they are unaware of any problems and run me through the same old stuff most tech support do. So no luck they have filed a request to inspect my lines.

So anxious to get onto the net as I had homework to do I messaround unplugged router and trying to connect directly to the modem, again no luck so I call tech support.

Finaly i try a different NIC, and bang the net works directly connected to modem. Okay so I figure my old NIC is malfunctioning, shut down set back up router again and everyhting will be cool, dosnt connect again. So i keep messing around renewing and releasing dhcp, and repairng the LAN in the my netowrk connections in win xp and nothing works. So I shutdown and reseat card and boot it up as I am looking into the comp. Great one of my fans isnt working anymore it jiggles when you turn it on as its getting some electric and then stops,,, Then I try connecting directly again and it works. So pretty much I have a broken fan and a router thats not working.

What could cause my router to just stop working out of nowhere, I hope its just a setting or something. grrr any ideas.

Also wasnt sure wether to put this here or networking, i just put it hear cause it my problem may involve dead hardware :/

Now without a router my moms comp dosnt have net for her office so i have to find a fix to give both comps the net, i dunno if she can connect through my pc to get on the net
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not sure about the router but if you have a second nic you could use your comp as a gateway and share the connection that way. It will get you going for now.
BIG thanks to the woods and ThePerfectCore for replying so quickly I got it all setup and its running great.

This saved my @$$ my mom would be extremely mad if she didnt have access to the internet on her comp.

This is just as good as using the router minus the flashy lights.

Thanks peeps.
Might have been a power surge that took out your router and old NIC, and probably even the fan too. :(

A few days ago there was a power surge but my comp is behind a surge protector and the router and nic worked fine for days after it. Also the nic still works I put it back in to set up the new through my computer and the nic worked fine.