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The leadtek Geforce 2 Pro is a great buy at around 145 bucks

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If you buy one be sure to rip off the factory fan and replace it with a Sunon 40mill x 20 mill I think its around 8.7cfm and you will be able to get better overclock out of it. nerdsbyte.com sells the fan for under 7 bucks if memory serves me correct
Hello Sam, and welcome to the forums!

For those of us who are somewhat illiterate to the Gforce cards (well me anyway), can you tell me what memory this card has? I have the 32meg DDR card w/TV out. I paid (for the most part) $170 for it locally. (not an online deal)
Hi Shadow,

The Leadtek Geforce2 Pro (64meg ddr) has a core clock of 200mhz and Memory is 333mhz, but Leadtek includes a Overclocking Utility that screams OVERCLOCK ME PLEASE! Anyway I have mine set at 235/401 with absolutly no problems whatsoever.

Here is an idea I discovered that will work on any Video card to affix a beefier heatsink.

Many people affix small socket 7 CPU coolers to thier Video cards, Many of these knuckleheads recommend using two drops of superglue http://www.ocshoot.com/coolchip.htm on the corners and arctic silver paste to finish it off.

Here is my idea that I actually use and its a much better solution.

Simply omit the superglue on the two corners and replace that with Arctic Silver adhesive on FOUR corners and use regular Arctic silver thermal paste on the rest of the chip.....Removal is a snap should you ever want to remove the heatsink.
( If you are the kind of person that removes heatsinks like you change underwear you can blent a 1/3 mix of Arctic Silver to the Arctic Silver Adhesive to make removal even Easier)