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The LEDs on the reservoir K-Quantum Kinetic FLT 80 are only green

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New Member
May 8, 2022
Hello everyone
This is my first post on this forums.

I bought it not long ago reservoir without pump :

EK Water Blocks EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 80 D5/DDC Body D-RGB - Plexi​

Everything works fine except the LEDs, they only glow green and very poorly.
I can't change the color or control these leds.

I have a water block:
Alphacool Eisblock XPX Aurora - Plexi Black Digital RGB

And there is no problem with it, I can control the LEDs through the motherboard and they shine very strongly. The colors can be changed without any problem

My computer spec:
Gigabyte Z390 Master
Intel I7 9700K
Asus RTX 3080 Tuf
G.skill 32 GB
Custom Water Coling

Anyone have an idea how to fix it or maybe what could have happened ? The reservoir is new, it is only 5 days from the date of purchase.

IMG_20220508_080827.jpg IMG_20220508_080837.jpg IMG_20220508_080754.jpg
Well, assuming you've plugged them in to a aRGB port... have you tried the other aRGB header (that I assume is working with you other rgbs)?
Looks like there is a problem with the RGB cable or connector. It usually happens when there is a bad contact and one of the pins is too loose. Bend pins slightly, it usually helps.

Btw. I recommend filling the res some more or you will have weird-looking stains at the liquid level. At least I had that after some months on the 120mm version and it was hard to clean. The same with EK coolant and with distilled water.
Hey thanks for your help

Thanks very much for the tip, I refilled the liquid but I can't refill it completely. I have an automatic air vent installed and I check if it serves its purpose. And it can't be poured over with water.

I checked the bending of the pins but it did not help and connected to another input and nothing helped.

I already wrote to the store, they wrote back that I should send them a repair application and maybe it would not be necessary to send the reservoir.

They wrote that the leds or the controller are probably damaged. And they will report it to the EK
That's terrible it's likely faulty. Hopefully, they cross-ship you the new one/don't make you return the other to minimize downtime/another purchase.

Keep us posted!