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The magic unlocked multiplier

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May 30, 2003
Okay guys,

I've been into a bit of overclocking for a while, and never did manage to get that damn pencil trick to work, but when i replaced my duron 1200 with a 2600 (FSB=333) and the gigabyte 7vaxp ultra, wierdness started to happen.

The system itself doesn't seem to stable if you increase the FSB above 170 but I found out buy accident that the board had set the cpu multiplier wrongly with the multiplier jumpers on auto.

To my suprise I found that I was able to pick whatever multiplier I wanted. Normally it's 12.5x, but it boots fine at 13x(bios reports it is a 2700 and it runs completely stable), is semi-stable at 13.5x(bios says 2800) and almost boots at 14x. The stability problems lie, i suspect with noise rather than heat as the system shuts down soon after boot-up.

My question here is...

Is this normal behaviour for this board (revision f4 or something) or have i stumbled across a magic thoroughbread processor which isn't multiplier locked?

I inspected the chip several times and there is no evidence of prior tampering on the bridges.

AMD 2600+ (fsb 333)
gigabyte 7vaxp ultra
512 pc2700 ddr
leadtek geforceti 4800
and some other stuff
BIOS is version f4 or something
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May 29, 2003
UK, Hertfordshire
I currently own a 7VAXP but have just bought a Abit NF7-S, this is the board you want to go for if you want to do some serious overclocking, i dont think you will be able to expect to raise the FSB much higher on your board, as the agp and the pci will not be able to handle this, if you seriously want to up your fsb go for the abit nf7-s as the pci and agp are locked and they dont get affected by raises in fsb, you can easily go 200fsb + on this board, and some people have got it to go 250fsb!