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The math for CPU Watts...

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
I have used two ways. One is this equation..

Hdef =the defaut heat of your CPU which I'll guess is 15-16Watts more precise can be found on the Intel spec sheet for it.
Vnew is your new voltage,
Vdef is default voltage, and that "^2" is too the power of 2 or just square the answer in those brackets.
Snew is your new CPU speed (1035),
Sdef is your CPU's default speed (633).

and I have used Radiate.exe from

Now, which is right??

Radiate shows 41.8 Watts for a cele 633 @ 1030 @ 1.95
and if you do the math is shows 34.2 Watts for the same CPU.

Is the math wrong, or is Radiate wrong? Or is there a better way???
Given the mitigating circumstances of dissipation, the data given by radiate may have some meaning.

Be interesting to do a reverse alog to find out. Someone try boiling 10cc of water on a processor to work out the power output!!!!