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The new thread name in GD

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It was a tossup. There were a few names from that thread that looked good. THought that one would be good though.
Congrats to David for coming up with the name and YMAN for doing a write up that is good enough to be recycled again and again.

Now. If you guys see that that thread hasn't been responded to and it's been a little while since you threw a word in would you take a few minutes and toss a good folding word or 2 into it?
How about a Spamfest in the folding thread. Think that won't draw attention? LOL. OF course it may not draw entirely good attention but I'll bet we get a few dozen more members out of something like that. :)
Has anyone else given their rating vote for the thread in GD? I think that would really help as an eye catcher. I just voted for 5 stars. Hopefully that will help make it even more noticable.:D
I think for the rating to work that you need several people to rate the thread. Not sure as I've done it before and didn't notice it. I'll rate the thread. DOn't know if my rating will count though.

edit-cool. it worked
Woo Hooo! Think we're actually on a roll now. That oughta help a little. Btw, got my promotion last night, earned another star. Now I feel like one of the group! This one's on me:beer: