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The NRZ N2 Waterblock Beta Thread

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I feel like a tornado threw me in front of a freight train. I was able to get tested Saturday morning at one of the Rite Aid drive through ones, but I don't even need it to tell me anything anymore unless I somehow caught the flu in a very large coincidence. I thought I woke up with my regular allergies Friday morning, and things progressed starting Saturday. What's weird is I don't have the cough much at all. Fever, chills, aches, sore throat, sinus pressure/pain, and stomach is really cramped up. My toes felt odd and they're kind of red. This is lame, guys. Just lame. My primary care told me to just treat symptoms and let him know if I get worse.

The fiancee is over the hump for sure. Fever mid 99s, coughing a lot less. She had it rough for about 5-6 days. I'm back home now at least, as there's no reason to stay away now. I'm really thankful that I've been quarantined since exposure minus one day. Unless I was able to spread it within 24 hours of exposure, then I know I didn't contribute to community spread. Once my test comes back (presumably) positive, I know the phone will start ringing... If anyone else gets sick at work, then the whole place will shut down, and I'd feel like a complete deutschmark.

Figured I'd update you guys. Thanks again for the concern; you all are nice people! Going to go back to my couch spot and wallow in my own self pity and sweat for a while. Once I'm over the hump I can start to work from home again, and I'm really looking forward to that day. I am now a statistic. The thing I've feared this whole time :(
Thanks for the update NRZ. I've been keeping you and several others in my prayers. Hopefully your symptoms don't progress and you just power through it. Best of luck to you and yours.
Yep, thanks for the update. You've been in my prayers, too. I've had many of the COVID-19 symptoms over about three weeks but it just seemed like one of those nagging upper respiratory viral infections we've all had from time to time that you just have to wear out. But anyway, I got tested Thursday of last week just to be sure and I heard yesterday that I'm negative for COVID-19.
That's fantastic news, trents. I used to get either the flu or strep once a year sometime between February to April from ages 13-25, so I'm not unfamiliar with being sick... but this feels a bit different. I know what my fiancee meant by "sharper" now when she described the symptoms. Just feels foreign in a way. Last night sucked so badly with the fever. They contraindicate ibuprofin for treating symptoms, and neither aspirin or acetaminophen have ever been as efficacious for me at wrangling a fever down a bit.

It is what it is. I was working on an arduino based argb controller a little bit yesterday here and there to try and take my mind off things, and it actually works. I'm surprised with my clouded mind that I didn't mess up even the rudimentary wiring on the thing. It is pretty nice, though, perfboard, a nano clone, a nice big 100uF electrolytic filtering the 5V molex input, 470 ohm resistors filtering the digital output pins, and isolated power for both the nano itself and the LED strips. I will print a cool case for it and continue to work on the software... but not now and probably not at all today. Way too tired and out of it at this point.

Still not much of a cough. I consider myself lucky as I pulled a muscle years ago across and under my right pectoral, and when I get a bad cough it always acts up...

Thanks again for the messaged guy, prayers and thoughts are super appreciated. Off to lay down.
Hey guys... my test came back positive for SARS-CoV-2. No surprise there, but it's just weird to see it black and white. Fever and other symptoms remain pretty much unchanged, but I am growing somewhat accustomed to things. I finally got up the motivation to leave the couch and come up here on my computer and log into my work PC to see what's going on there. I had every intention of trying to work on something, but now that I'm here and looking at my workspace, I don't feel like doing anything. Ughhhhhhhhhh. I have the LED controller board done and working, and the case prototype is mostly printed, but I don't even feel like doing a quick cold pull on my printer and letting it go for a couple of hours printing another one. That would require coming back up here. Please no more stairs...

Tried to cuddle with my fiancee, but I just get too dang hot too quickly for that. Wish my cat was here to be a jerk and entertain me... The bit of good news is that I now have an extra GTX 1070 founders that will be my testbed for the R1 GPU block. Bought it for $95(!) off of offerup shipped to my door. There was a 2070 Super for $250 on craigslist a week ago, but someone beat me to that. The post was up for less than an hour.

The massive radiator sold on eBay... of course it would sell right now. Obviously since it's sitting like 5 feet from me right now, there is no way I can send it. I'm going to take it down to the garage and wipe it down and leave it out there for the time being. I'm sure the guy (or girl) will understand the delay and wouldn't want a biological weapon to be unleashed into the postal system or on them.

Okay, I'm going to grab some juice and lay back down. Binging Person of Interest today. Oddly entertained by it.
SARS-CoV-2 is the current novel coronavirus that causes disease termed COVID-19. COVID-19 isn't the name of the virus, it's the result of the virus going scorched earth on my poor, poor body that did nothing to deserve this but keep that library book late and not eat the pizza crust that one time.
Such a karmic weight for those library books!

I'm glad you're doing well, hang in there and don't sweat (sorry I can't help myself) being productive. Your body needs lots of rest, but hopefully you'll be over the hump soon. Thanks for checking in and being responsible. Take care and keep us posted when you feel like it.
Feeling a bit better this morning. Fever is around 100.5F having not taken anything to reduce it since last night around 9:30pm. That is great news, but it could go back up... it's the nature of a pathogen that is zoonotic in origin. The body starts to win, then vice versa. Have been loading up on vitamins and minerals in order to aid production of white blood cells and staying as hydrated as I can. My good friend dead dropped some awesome food from a local eatery on my porch, and I actually ate like a good half plate worth. My sense of smell seems dulled (may be in my head) but I can taste just fine. It was nice to get an uninterrupted 5 hours of sleep from maybe 2-2:30am until ten minutes ago. This is the best I've felt since my symptoms started to really progress.

I actually hooked my whole computer back up last night and got the 3D printer printing. This means I'll upload the testing data either today or tomorrow. Cleaning up my borosilicate build surface with alcohol was difficult; my arm got tired after like 10 seconds. I really need to start to get my strength back because my job demands it. I don't necessarily lift a ton anymore as we have ops who do a lot of that, but I'd like to be able to do what I need to do when the time comes.

I kind of can't keep my eyes open right now which I'm calling a good thing. It's so much more comfortable to sleep, or try to do so, when my fever isn't high 101s or 102s. Thanks for the words and thoughts everyone, you guys are a great group :)
Glad to hear you are improving.

On a different note, thank you for the updates on your health. It has been by far the most informative information on symptoms that I've found anywhere. I'm sure it has been difficult to update us at times but I really appreciate it.
I wish you a speedy recovery! This seems like a super cool project you have going on. I look forward to following the future updates. Get well soon!

Nice! I looked at something similar. I wanted the ability to pipe the data into a logger so I needed something different. You'll have to let me know how it works, as I'll need something for my secondary system. The fact that it measures temps too is really fantastic. I have a used motherboard coming for my i7700k along with a couple of sticks of DDR4-3200. That will be testbed #2. It will be a lot less involved, but it will allow for some additional testing environments.

Update, it's been about 6 weeks since I've ordered this flow meter. It seems so much in the world has changed in such a short time. At any rate, I never received the product. I sent out 4 different emails over this time period and didn't get a single response. I can't say why they are not replying, but I will say they accepted my order and replied right away with a thank you for the order. That was the last I heard from them 6 weeks ago. I have since filed a claim against them with PayPal in hopes to recover my money. Hopefully that doesn't take too long. Suffice it to say I cannot endorse anything from Freeze mod or Barrowich at this time.
thenrz, havnen't heard from you in the best part of a week. How's the COVID battle going?
I have sent him a PM but have not heard back. It has been too long and I'm praying he's ok.
He last logged in 5/27, so he should have seen trents (and Blaylock before his) post(?).

I hope he's doing ok too......
FYI, by request, I have reached out to thenrz via email. Hopefully he responds here or to me (I'll let you know).
Apologies for the triple post here...

I heard back from thenrz... he is, for all intents and purposes, OK(ish - alive!).... but good lawd was he put through the wringer. Once he is well enough (or gives me permission) I will post an update with more details. :)

Stay strong thenrz!!!! :grouphug::attn::comp:

Nice! I looked at something similar. I wanted the ability to pipe the data into a logger so I needed something different. You'll have to let me know how it works, as I'll need something for my secondary system. The fact that it measures temps too is really fantastic. I have a used motherboard coming for my i7700k along with a couple of sticks of DDR4-3200. That will be testbed #2. It will be a lot less involved, but it will allow for some additional testing environments.

Well, I know this thread had been dormant while TheNRZ pieces his life back together (my thoughts are still with you), but I thought I'd give an update to an old question just out of pure diligence.

So after 4 months my flowmeter came in! I had contacted the seller several times after a month of no word from them and requested and received a full reimbursement so when it showed up on the door step I was completely surprised.

It's not installed yet as I have too much going on right now but should be in the next several weeks.

I'll keep anyone posted who's interested.