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The NRZ N2 Waterblock Beta Thread

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I'd love to do some testing on one of these blocks. Also would eventually like to buy one if the price is right. Interested in an aluminum mid plate & base in addition to the copper & brass... would like to test how much weaker the cooling would be with all aluminum, and mainly want to test alu because I'd like to build an all aluminum loop if performance ends up okay. (obviously not in violation of forum rules) Alu rads are dirt cheap... all the AIOs seem to use them, and they work fine. With a good block and a real pump, a cost effective door could just open up to full custom loop cooling, and I'd love to see that happen. When I first got into water cooling it was heater cores & pond pumps. The real gear existed, but not for me. Didn't wanna pay. Around 2008 I finally spent the dough on an MCP655, an Apogee and a 2x120 Swiftech rad. The pump I still have it to this day and IMO it is still one of the best pumps you can get. I definitely made my share of blocks though... made whole VRM / chipset blocks for my C2D system and made a new PVC top to slap a danger den TDX on my 8800 GT... Good times. These days I need everything in my case though & to mount up properly, etc :) I was going to adopt my Apogee GTZ for my AM4 Ryzen... but maybe I won't have to :bday:

Really nice to see someone doing a DIY block! Hope to see an update soon, and hope all is well OP!