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* The Official Team 32 Folding@Home Intro [** LINKS TO USEFUL F@H INFO**] *

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Sep 22, 2004
Team 32's Folding Intro

Welcome to the OCForums' F@H Forum! Here you will find detailed information about the Folding@Home (F@H, or FAH) project.

General Folding Information

  • Official F@H Website
    This is the official website for the F@H Project. It includes links to the official downloads, statistics, press releases, results, and also help.

  • fahwiki.net
    The Official F@H Wiki.

  • F@H Glossary (fah wiki)
    Learn terms commonly used when talking about F@H.

  • The Four Big Folding Sins
    Excellent article, written by our teammate Adak, explaining how an honest Folder can go wrong. Abstain from these sins to comply with the Folding@Home usage agreement.

  • The Connectivity Test (last updated: 10-18-09)
    Check your Internet connection to Stanford with this quick test suite.

  • CIDR List of F@H IP Addresses for Firewall (last updated: 04-29-09)
    Can't get FAH to communicate through your firewall? Take a look here for the IPs that need allowed.

Team 32 Information

  • Official F@H FAQ for Team 32 (last updated: 12-30-09)
    Much more detailed F@H information all in one thread. If it's not linked to in this sticky then you can most likely find it here.

  • Official Team 32 You Tube Channel
    Express yourself and post your videos about why Team 32 and Folding is so awesome!!! Or check out some videos from other Team members.

  • Team 32 Folding@Home Facebook Group
    Do you Facebook? If so, Join the Group and put some faces with those forum names. Let the world know you Fold for Team 32!

  • The New Members Thread
    This is where New Users can say hello to the team and ask questions concerning F@H. The longest running Team 32 thread ever!

  • Team 32's Folding Mentor Program (FMP) (last updated: 11-08-09)
    Want to become a Team 32 Folding Mentor? Want to be Mentored? Go here to find out how.

  • Team 32 Memorial Wall
    A memorial to team members' friends and family who have passed from cancer.

  • Team 32 Folding Contest Directory (last updated: 09-13-09)
    Wanna Rumble? Go here to check out Team 32 Folding Contests - past & present.

  • The "I need something to finish my Rig" Thread v2.0 (last updated: 11-18-09)
    Got a part? Need a part? Here's where to post. No selling here. Just teammates helping teammates.

  • Build-A-Rig (BAR)
    BAR is a system where users can donate either parts or money to build modern rigs that will be used for F@H only.

  • Adopt-A-Rig (AAR)
    AAR is a system where users can donate either parts to build rigs that will be used for F@H only.

  • Team Member Spotlights (last updated: 06-10-10)
    Find out more about your fellow team members.

  • Team 32 Artwork (last updated: 06-24-08)
    Show your creative side! Post up your own custom Team 32 Artwork or check out the work of other members. There are some great Team 32 branded wallpapers in this thread.

  • Team 32 Avatars (last updated: 05-03-09)
    Avatars! Get your avatars here!!! Have harlam357 create you a custom Team 32 branded avatar.

  • Folding Flyers! (last updated: 03-18-09)
    This post has a few examples of F@H flyers. Print these out and share them with your friends to teach them about the F@H Project!

  • T32 Lost & Found (last updated: 10-07-08)
    An effort to find teammates we haven't seen in a long time and find out what and how they're doing.

  • Team 32's Subteams Directory (last updated: 04-06-08)
    Some users actually fold in groups under one name, known as subteams. This thread shows the current subteams and how to join them if you wish.

Client Setup (general)

Client Setup (GPU2)

  • NVIDIA GPU2 Client v6.23 Setup (last updated: 04-15-09)
    Setup the Windows GPU2 client for NVIDIA based graphics cards.

  • Multi GPU Folding Walkthrough (last updated: 04-14-09)
    Setup multiple NVIDIA based graphics cards on the Windows GPU2 client.

  • GPU Shader Clocks (last updated: 04-10-09)
    This list shows multiple card types by number of shaders and where our membership has successfully clocked them while running GPU2 stable.
    Great starting point for OC'ing your NVIDIA based GPU after setting up the GPU2 client.

  • NVIDIA GPU2 in Linux Wiki (last updated: 07-04-09)
    Setting up NVIDIA GPU2 in Linux via Wine and CUDA wrapper. Decent Linux skills required.

Client Setup (Linux SMP / NVIDIA GPU2)

Client Setup (SMP)

Client Setup (Classic)

Folding Statistics

Historical Links
Lots of historical information about F@H and Team 32 found here.

Credits: Original content and format by dark_15.
v1.1.8 by harlam357​
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  • v1.0 (August 13, 2008)
  • v1.1 (March 17, 2009) - Removed link to Wordpress Team 32 site. Added 'last updated' dates to relevant threads so users can see how current the information is.
  • v1.1.1 (April 5, 2009) - Added links to Team 32 Contest Site and You Tube Channel.
  • v1.1.2 (April 11, 2009) - Added GPU2 Shader Clock link.
  • v1.1.3 (May 3, 2009) - Added Measured Effects of NVIDIA Core/Shader/Memory Clocks on GPU2 Production & CIDR List of F@H IP Addresses for Firewall links.
  • v1.1.4 (May 24, 2009) - Updated links to reflect the Latest *Install* Sticky.
  • v1.1.5 (September 28, 2009) - General Refresh. Removed the old Classic Client Guides and Replaced with Stanford's Guide. Added the latest Linux SMP and GPU2 Guide.
  • v1.1.6 (December 30, 2009) - Removed Team 32 Contest site. Removed Burning Hardware Club link. Updated 'last updated' dates.
  • v1.1.7 (February 9, 2010) - Add Samba Setup Guide and bigadv Checklist.
  • v1.1.8 (February 28, 2010) - Add Hamachi VPN Setup Guide. Changed links for MPICH install guide to ChasR's SMP2 Guide... the previous MPICH guide has been deprecated.
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  1. Team 32 Lost & Found - Jolly-Swagman is taking this over.

  2. New NVIDIA and ATI Benchmark Threads? - The old threads are very dated

  3. "Hall of Fame" type post - detailing past and present great Team 32 Folders

    - Thread regarding pete_scout's passing (temporary, until "Hall of Fame" can be done): http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=606244
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