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The optional monitoring chip W83781D...where?

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New Member
Dec 27, 2000
The optional monitoring chip W83781D provides P6BX-A+ the sensing abilities in detecting system voltage, system temperature, chassis intrusion and the speed of the fan. Ive done searches for it, and even emailed the motherboard manufacterer. They havent responded, and searches turn up empty! grrrrr
If you have it, it will be soldered to your motherboard. It's a fairly small chip so you may have to hunt around for it. Anyway, here are some links.

here are some links to software that will read it.

and of course the good old all time favorite Motherboard monitor.

If your board doesn't already have the chip on it I really don't know whether you could add the chip or not. First of all the board would have to have the place for the chip on the board. Then you'd have to solder the chip in place. This would be very difficult because as I said before it's a fairly small surface mount chip and the leads are tiny. Then you might also have to add additional support components, like for example the thermistors it reads the temperature from. So, basically I think if the board doesn't already have the chip on it I think it would be impractical to add it.

One way to find out if your board has the chip is to download motherboard monitor and run it. If you have it motherboard monitor will probably see it.