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The Quadro mod...

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Apr 28, 2001
Kingwood, TX
I tried this mod and, silly me, I lost one of those tiny resisters. Does anyone know what rating it is? I want to try to piece it back together. It's my old Herc 3D Prophet 2 GTS /64megs. I would really like to get this card back operational. I got a 25W soldering iron and some silver solder<96%iron/4%silver> and just need this resister. If I can't "jerry-rig" this card then where can I get one of those SMD resisters? Thanks for the help all!
Too late, I have an old ABIT BE6-2 that is no good anymore anyways and found that resistor I need. When I tried to put it on it just won't stay in place and the solder in the tiny holes of the vid card came out. Now the board is all gone, no more, bye bye. Thanks for the help anyways you all.
you do relise there is a peice of software that will do it now, so no soldering is needed?

I saw a link on [H] the other day..
Can't you just return it to it's original state? Too much heat on those SMD's for too long may compromise it's ability to take the solder. If you can get it back maybe you can try the software hack.
Ya and just because you fried one pad the other one (the one where you move it too) is still good. If your throwing that card out Ill send you 20 bucks for it + shipping.
Tacoman667......did you lose that solder up under the BIOS chip? You may be able to take the chip off and do your work(cleaning)........and put it back on......carefully.
It's the solder at the R123 spot. I will get another resistor off my old MB and see if I can put it back to the origional positions.