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The saw is coming out, I got my new case!

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Jan 6, 2001
Stafford, Virginia USA
I just picked up my Supermicro SC750A full tower. Finally I have a case that will fit the watercooling gear! I have been putting together the watercooling system for a while (built it myself, except for the block which I designed but had milled for me) and am getting ready to do the install. I am taking my time, but should have it up by the weekend (measure twice, cut once). Wish me luck.

Cel2 600@810 @1.75v (cB0-pins wired)
Creative GF2MX32DDR
256MB Crucial PC133 CAS-2
Maxtor 13.6GB ATA66
SBLive! X-gamer
the usual other stuff

The Radiator is mounted and hoses are run. Coolant is in the reservoir and waterblock is attached. After 48 hours of leak testing (no fans or electronics in the case), the system is still right at ambient. I guess the radiator can handle the heat load of the pump without any fans blowing through it. The fans should be here tomorrow (THANKS TACHYON) and the system will be completed. I can't wait!
Good luck. There hasn't been a better feeling lately than getting everything for my watercooled setup together and operating properly. (By the way, it dropped temps over 10 c)
It took me two months to decide which case I was going to get. I wanted a full tower, and one with a fairly tall lower section. I bought a Hayden trans cooler thats 5x10 on the fins + tube ends (total height about 12 1/2") so I could run dual 120s on the intake. I wanted to move a lot of air through the case and do it quietly. The local store stocked the case for less than I could have bought it online for (with shipping). I paid $169.99 + tax=$177.00. It came with 2 Sunon 92s and cages for 6 more fans, and has a Sparkle 300W PSU. Seemed like a good deal to me, so I jumped on it. I am really impressed with how roomy the case is. My reservoir is 6x6x4" and the Little Giant 80GPH pump is nearly silent. I hope to have pictures in a week or so showing the mods and the install. So far, so good on the construction, just waiting for the fans now.
Your case looks good, man I wish I didn't need such a high wattage pelt. I have the Inwin Q500, I'm very pleased with it. I did all the hole cutting I needed to on the frame of the case that way I could mount all the electronics but I still need to order the other fans and cut the case covers, I've been to busy oc'ing and putting the watercooling in..........guess ya can't have everything.
thanks, I have an 86w peltier with alpha p3125s. seems to be just fine. the 86w pelt shares it's own 300w power supply with the fans.