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The Storm Surge Rises

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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006

Smashing Our Milestones

           Computekinc.us @ 56,912,059

            sneakysnowman @ 21,944,271
                  tuigi69 @ 21,574,144

               dismorphic @ 15,650,961

               surferseth @ 12,364,503
            dfonda_Team32 @ 11,268,442

          audioaficionado @ 9,029,023
                     Adak @ 8,034,272
               Cluster007 @ 7,030,823

                  hardass @ 5,288,266
                   rpkole @ 4,081,101
                 JiNtatsu @ 4,050,422
                      CJ5 @ 4,017,211

               JackNSally @ 3,034,622
               Mindmatter @ 3,000,005
                  bchur83 @ 2,058,098
              The_Penguin @ 2,056,247
              Outback_Jon @ 2,034,295
               the_cultie @ 2,009,529

                  Molnarc @ 1,170,760
                  gottcha @ 1,096,100
              aviationfrk @ 1,075,000
              onefstsnake @ 1,045,893
               nathannagy @ 1,002,743
               Lennytiger @ 1,001,228

                  dylskee @ 929,331

             Maverick0984 @ 763,457
                flaughert @ 610,027

                  cbenn16 @ 572,662
                  Bobnova @ 531,003
                  ebug122 @ 530,514
                  swooboo @ 502,441

                     rcoe @ 389,835
                turbohans @ 359,693
            spastik_bob69 @ 354,276
                     JonT @ 353,865
              MasterMitch @ 351,055

                    Darur @ 252,918
                    joe90 @ 247,150
                  olumpa1 @ 218,384
              PenguinsPal @ 217,798
                   Hsnopi @ 207,193

If you check out our team page on EOC stats, you'll see it's just filled with new milestones. Although we only list the major milestones above 200k here, the full list is always posted in JollySwagman's milestone sticky thread.

Computekinc.us tops our list today. Sneakysnowman has snuck into second place, with Tuigi69, close behind. All three are super folders, and among our top team folders. Watching these guys' folding is just amazing. :burn: :burn:

In the mid teens, we have Dismorphic, and Surferseth showing what happens when you occupy the top 20 producers list, for long periods of time. WTF, guys!

Dfonda, audioaficionado, myself, and Cluster007, round out the 7-11 million "store" of scores, in descending order. I would say y'all watch out for me in your rear-view mirrors, but I see still faster folders, in my own. Isn't that right Cluster007? :cool:

Hardass, at five million, and now on a folding tear at 61k ppd, leads out a pack of quad millionaire's; namely Rpkole, Jintatsu, and CJ5, while JackNSally does the same for the tre's and duece's: Mindmatter, bchur83, The_Penguin, Outback_Jon, and the_cultie. Such folding! They're one of the main reasons why teammates with over three million points, are being shoved off our first team page, at EOC stats!


We are on a tear, for sure!

New to the Millionaire's Club, are Molnarc, gottcha, aviationfrk, onefstsnake, nathannagy, and Lennytiger. Nothing to look at here, just another bunch of motivated, hard charging teammates, folding at full speed! :welcome: one and all! :clap: Don't let anybody trick you into cleaning to bathroom with a toothbrush. That's way old fashioned, isn't that RIGHT Harlam?

In the 900k to 600k group, we have dylskee (no canines were hurt during the making of his avatar - just befuddled) :p ,Maverick0984, and flaughert. They're well on their way to the Club house.

In the half million bracket, we have cbenn16, Bobnova, ebug122, and swooboo. Already these guys are making a solid contribution to our forum, and our folding total.

There was a time, when you could go for a month and post up the milestone's passed, with ease - but guys like this now make it clear - "No more!". Welcome rcoe, turbohans, spastik_bob69, JonT, and MasterMitch, all into the 300k bracket. :cool:

Now moving up into the 200k category, we have Darur, joe90, olumpa1, PenguinsPal, and Hsnopi. I know a few of you from the forum of course, but I look forward to hearing from the rest, as well. It's always great to see the new folders, turning into dedicated folders, and forum contributors, as well.

I have to give a pat on the back to HayesK, our new ppd leader this week, at 273,000 ppd. :burn:

We may have lost our third place ranking to the EVGA team, but we have passed up OCAU quite handily, and are gaining on the MaxPC team, at over a half million points PER DAY. :shock: That raises the bar to a whole new level.

Congratulations and well done, to all the above! I'm sure Stanford is thrilled to get all this extra data back, so quickly. :soda:

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Mar 3, 2005
Central MA
Sweet!!!! I'm over 1M points now, WOO HOO!! :D And befuddled is an under statement for my dogs! :D:D I've been trying for over a year to get another shot like that but they won't cooperate.

WTF GUYS! :beer::beer::beer:


Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006
Sure looks that way, Giz.

You're folding great, however! :burn:

^^^ and the storm surge continues!


Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006
^^^ You and your i7's, Hrsetrdr!

Fold baby, fold! :)


Sep 20, 2007
Congratulations and well done, To all Milestoners


Milestone Thread 4.0 Updated Stats
Data as of - Sat Jan 23 @ 01:30 PST 2010



Folding Team Content Editor, Who Dolk'd my stars S
Mar 31, 2005
Stealing your megahurtz at night
Gratz to all the milestoners!:beer: If one of the new millionaires sees harlam coming towards you with a toothbrush with only a few bristles left, my advice is to turn an run. Looks like I'll be hitting my 2 million mark in a few short days, just missing this milestone update.:rock:


Senior Folding Zombie
Jun 16, 2001
Somewhere in the top 100 folders for team 32
Rock from 1milli to 2 milli in just one update!!! Rockin. WTF everyone!!! Looks like we got the heat officially turned up in the Winter Blaze. So how many people up north noticed the snow melting away from their houses with all the [email protected] action going on inside your house?

I still say given time we can get past EVGA and the Winter Blaze was just the place to prove it. Look at the numbers we all churned out. Guys this is amazing what we can do when we put our CPUs and GPUs together!!!

Everyone Fold the good Fold!!


Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006
I never doubted you'd make it, Jintatsu. You're too good a folder and teammate, not to.