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The top 3

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im a newbie,but have done extensive reading on this topic.the general concences is the newest board will be the last to be outdated.right now the newest is the raid boards with future 200 fsb support which can use multiple drives.with that said it is opinions on manufactures that may make a difference and what u want to do with it or spend on it.i am ordering the abit kt7a raid today with a t bird 750,on pricewatch for 222.other names kept popping up while i was trying to chose,iwill not sure of the model # and asus.if u go to the reviews section u can read reviews on the latest boards.there are other oc sites as well that review the mobos.check them out.then after u know so much it all runs together,ask for an opinion.thats 1 thing there is alot of here(only if u still havent decided)hope this helps.a review from another savy site is what sold me
ok i didnt pay attention to the 133 fsb.thats why its a loaded question.
whatchu mean by type? the chipset that supports 133mhz fsb? there are only three the kt133a, the amd760 and the ali magikk(don't know how it's spelled). if u're looking for board names how about asus av7133 or abit k7t133a with the kt133 chipset. the a7m266 for amd760. too many aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

new at this but looks like tossup between abit ,asus and iwill after that maybe ,mis, epox, fic. ?? what i'm looking for is the most stable of the via kt133a boards....a new interest- - soltek 75KAV
jeff_harrison_344 (Feb 19, 2001 07:33 a.m.):
What are the top three boards that run at 133mhz for an Athlon?

I used to own ABit and ASUS boards, of which I found the ABit boards typically to be a bit (pun intended) more overclocker friendly - for instance they were the first to offer soft fsb settings, whereas the other manufactureres still had jumpers.

ASUS was my King of stability though. Very solidly built boards, though not always the latest technology.

Now I just took the dive, and purchased the Iwill KK266, though not a wellknown company, they are providing a board the is top notch o/c and technology wise, and very very stable too. Also they seem to have very good customer support, which is virtually non-existent with the other two companies above.

read here:
http://forums2.overclockers.ws/forums/UltraBoard.cgi?action=Read&BID=4&TID=2048&SID=25722 [\html]