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The ultimate coolling project

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Feb 16, 2001
Cambridge England
As the name surgests I am trying to design the ultimate cooler for an athlon. My aim is to get a T-bird up to 2Ghz! I hope the arcetecture can cope. I will try to do it with thermal acceleration. My first idea is a dual loop system with alot of peltiers transfering the heat. Any one else got any ideas? I would like some help as I cannot remember what temp I need to get it to

Which version of the athlon was it and what code. Well if I cannot get 2Ghz then I will go for 1.8Ghz so I can directly compare with my friends 1.8 P4.
I have just done some sums and I think if I can get the Cpu to -40C I can get it to run at atleast 1.8Ghz now I need some ideas on how to get there
zoopa_man (Jul 10, 2001 02:46 p.m.):
The only Athlon I saw at 2 gig was submersed in liquid nitrogen. Then it only made it through post and long enough for the guys to get a screen shot of the bios readings before it turned into a molent pile of lava.

Lousy. I've seen WCPUID shots :)
In finnish, here, but you can glean the important stuff from it.
The combo (CPU, mobo, memories, etc) was also used with dry ice cooling, so what people say about it destroying CPUs is false, unless doing something wrong. The mobo died after the experiment, but the CPU didn't.

Forgot to add: Not very usable anyway, doesn't run long.
Refridgerated to near zero C mineral oil, cooling a few hundred watts of peltiers. and an insane ammount of luck getting a chip that can cope with it. THATS how you run at 2 Ghz :D
I think cooling the ram was a bit of an overkill, but if I get a KT266 mobo (as allmost all of them can reach 160 fsb with no problem and crucial ram will make 160 most of the time the cpu and the northbridge/clock generator is all that needs cooling. I think a triple loop system will work. The first loop cools the second and so on. Each loop will cool the other with pelts. to disapate the heat in the water and to try and keep the water/ what ever. at a resonable temp for the pelts to cool it again the second loop will have a nuke tower too cool the water before it reaches the pelts. I think by using a rough deltaT of 20C for each loop I will be able to get the Cpu to -40C. And then hope I get a good cpu. Unfortunatly there are no cpus garenteed to 2Ghz as no cpu has got there and survived for that long! I think the P4 would run like a god oced on this!
From www.kryotech.com , "As a primary enabler, KryoTech's -40° C cooling technology has always been capable of thermally accelerating microprocessors (such as AMD's Athlon processors)."

So there you go. No fuss. No muss. Just get a SuperG system from them and you're in business.

Now you've got to overclock the compressor (up the voltage?) on the SuperG and put it's condensor (radiator) in a freezer. Maybe you'd get -60C°. Now that's cool.
In my opinion getting a Kyrotech system is cheating. I want to get very low temps diy style. I want the feeling "I did this".
just wait two months and buy a chip that goes that fast. amd chips are pretty cheap these days.
Sorry Ebloa but why overclock? The answer is because we like to push a cpu to the max and to save some money. So a cpu will be able to be bought in a few months but then I buy that and overclock that to hell and back.
If you are serious about getting to that range and want to overclock the fsb in the process the I would not get a kt266. Check out the epox board over at www.amdmb.com. There is a new bios for the epox 8k7a that allows for a 1/5 divider. Therefore you can run at a 166mhz bus with the pci bus at spec. I have seen reports of bus speeds from 170 all the way up to 190mhz. The bios allows for a 250mhz fsb (500mhz ddr). I'll buy a pint for anyone that can hit it that high. ;)