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the voodoo3 and the abit kt7 411????

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Mar 15, 2001
if i go with the abit kt7 mother board not the raid though, will i be able to run my voodoo3 pci 3d card or will i have to upgrade to a different card?...i will be running the t-bird 1000 chip with this set up...going shopping tomorrow so i need some quick answers.
I have a friend using a Voodoo3 2000 PCI card on his KT7 with a Duron 700@950. Works great. I imagine it also eliminates problems with AGP instability. You're sacrificing a lot in performance though. My friend is limited to about 3500 points in 3DMark2000, where as me, with a KT7A-R, Duron 700@950, and a 32 MB Geforce 2 MX (not that expensive of a card) can get to 6600 with the same settings. Almost double what his computer does. So yeah, your Voodoo3 will work fine for now but with a 1 GHz Thunderbird, you're really going to be limiting yourself with that video card. Save up, and after the fall refresh get yourself a Geforce 2 Ultra or a Geforce 2 Pro. Prices will come way down on those because by them the Geforce 3's will be reasonable prices.

SickBoy (Mar 16, 2001 06:44 p.m.):
I imagine it also eliminates problems with AGP instability.


I am planning to get the abit kt7a-raid within the next month to build myself a newer system since the socket7 soyo 5ema+ w/amd k6-2 500 is pretty much getting left behind in the speed department. I was planning to just swap my voodoo3 3000 agp into the system until i could save enough for the GF3 later this year(be a great christmas present huh?)

SO what this you say about AGP instability???
Also i saw on another website, don't remember which, but someone mentioned that AMD may remove the abit kt7a-raid from their recommended list...

Thanks to anyone who can provide more info on this.
All Abit KT7 series motherboards have already been removed from AMD's recommended list. This is a total load of BS, frankly I think there are boards that are on that list that have worse problems than the "problem" that AMD stated with the KT7's.

In reference to the AGP instability comment, it just has to do with the simple fact that PCI video cards draw less power, have less driver issues, and will run easier in an overclocked PC system. BUT..... many people (in fact, most who overclock Durons and Tbirds) have AGP video cards and successfully run them. It's just a basic tenet of AGP vs. PCI. So what's the benefit of AGP you ask? Simple. Speed and Bandwidth. PCI video cards run much slower and have less bandwidth to the memory controller and CPU. So basically, if you have, say, a Geforce 2 MX PCI and a Geforce 2 MX AGP (of the same brand and amount of memory)in the same system, the AGP will beat the PCI hands down, any day. I know several people who, to reach additional heights of FSB overclocking, have chosen to run PCI video cards. It's just one less thing to go wrong, but you pay a huge price as far as performance goes.

Thanks ;) I thought that was a load of BS, but i hadnt read AMD's remarks about it. I want the KT7A-Raid simply because it seems to be the easiest to overclock due to the softmenuIII.
I've got a couple boxes with the VOODO cards installed. One is a VOODO3 3500 AGP w/TV , on an overclocked ASUS A7V (DURON 600@1050), the other one is a PCI VOODO 3 3000 on an FIC AZ11. In all my overclocking endeavors, these video cards haven't caused any problems what so ever.
I can't attest for the ABIT though.
I have two Abit boards . KT7-R and KT7A-R. I have tried both Ge-force-2-mx and voo-doo3 cards on boath boards. I have not had a bit of problem out of either. The only problem I have found is with a sound blaster live value. With the new drivers from creative that corected the problem.I am going to go back to my Voo-doo 5 5500 agp in my KT7A-r board to see if it will bench more than the G-Force.
well thanks everyone for the help.....i am going to a peter trap show this weekend and will be picking everything up including a new video card....just to be on the safe side