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The VRAM Debate

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Dec 13, 2004
1) What are your system specifications? Give us full specs: / 2) What is your budget?

I am in the process of a new build. You can see that thread (and answers to the above) here: https://www.overclockers.com/forums/threads/pc-build-for-elden-ring.800791/

3) For how long are you planning to have this new card?

Likely the life of the system. It's so hard to say with technology, games, etc. But I would imagine 6-8 years.

4) What will the new Video Card be used for? / 5) If Gaming, please tells us the games you're planning to play. Please list as many as you'd love to play.

--- a) Hard-Core Gaming - LOVE GAMING!

Slay the Spire, XCom 2, Skyrim, WoW, FFIV, Dark Souls 1-3. As per my other thread, I am building this system to play Elden Ring specifically. The rest of what I do will be addressed in so doing.

I don't play @ high resolutions. Basically everything I do is 1080. I have a 4k TV, but 4k gaming looks, I don't know, too real? Soap Opera-y? I can't describe my issue with it. Maybe it's just that it's new(er).

All that being said, I have been reading everything I can find, and it seems the big issue people have with the 3070 ti (and other 8 GB VRAM cards) is the lack of VRAM. They talk of problems because the VRAM maxes out, lack of longevity (in terms of usefulness re new games), etc. But from what I gather, this is from people playing at high resolutions, combined with ultra high textures. That's not really me. Nonetheless, I wanted to get your opinions on the VRAM issue. Is 8 GB really not a good buy nowadays? Are such concerns legit? I don't mind going AMD if the VRAM issue is serious, but I am not willing to spend $1500 on a GPU, which very well may necessitate waiting. But for what and when? People said just wait last year too.

Just trying to find the middle ground (and educate myself in the process).

Thank you.
I have a 3070, play all sorts of AAA games @1440p /w maxed settings (and mods in some of them) and haven't been anywhere close to filling my 8gb vram. Then again, if I was I would probably turn the settings down from psycho/ultra to high (and probably never notice the difference) instead of thinking of upgrading from a near brand new GPU 😂 Also, most people don't seem to know that there are games that fill the memory, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily using it, CoD Advanced/Infinite Warfare/Watchdogs comes to mind, which generates quite a few interesting posts on Reddit. For Elden Ring specifically check this link - https://www.techpowerup.com/review/elden-ring-benchmark-test-performance-analysis/5.html

6-8 years is hard to plan to though, even if it's just at 1080p, there will always be a couple games that exceed expectations and ruin the plan, I remember buying a (at the time) top of the line 980ti just to have Deus Ex make her obsolete a year later. That said, If it's memory you're worried about, go with AMD, grab a 16gb 6800xt and you'll be fine for a looooong time, but miss out on Nvidia features like Raytracing.
A lot of talk on a lot of forums will blow up problems that aren't really there unless you're the "go high end or go home" crowd. I'm using a 3070 with a 4k display. It isn't highest end, but you can adjust settings accordingly to balance performance with image quality. It is that simple. Games are not going to not run on 8GB for the foreseeable future, but if games can use more than that setting may be out of reach. A good game is enjoyable even with reduced settings, like the difference between high and ultra presets is not really that noticeable unless you're doing side by side comparisons. My guess, it'll be plenty good enough for 1080p gaming for that timescale. Not the best, but then it comes down to how much money do you want to throw at it?

Also why commit yourself to 6-8 years without upgrade? Who knows, maybe in 3-4 years it will be worth considering seeing what's on market and replace then anyway. Replacing a part is still an option.
When you set max details and 4K in benchmarks or benchmarks built-in popular games then in most cases it gives 3-6GB. Some specific single titles will go closer to 8GB but I haven't seen that 8GB wasn't enough. I guess that faster the GPU will be too slow for high display resolution or large textures than it will need 8GB.
I have a 3070 Ti, and I just play at the default resolution of my TV which is 3840x2160. I play my games pretty much maxed. The tv is only 60Hz so that what I cap my FPS at.. My CPU does boost to the full +200, so not sure if that helps or not.. I hope so because it wasn't cheap at the time lol :D
8GB and 4K could be a bit long in the tooth sooner than later (a couple of years, I'd imagine). But 1440 and 1080, I'd imagine you'd want a faster card before VRAM runs out.