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The world's best kept secret

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Yea, I meant alot of people have done the 1.85v mod but I havn't heard of anyone doing more than that which was what this person seemed to be looking for.
Hey Zervun.

I wa swondering should i use a 4:3 memory divider or a 1:1? What are thier differences? Also what memory settings should i use? CAS2?

What Video Cards are you 4SDA+ users using? I have a 8500DV and I can't get the thing to run stable at anything above 133fsb, Its not the Chip, my 1.6a will do 2.4 and my RAM runs fine at 166mhz(333DDR) SO I think its a prob with the Video and Chipset, and I am thinking of taking my 8500 back for a GF4, let me know what you guys are running and what your OC's are.


i'll get my setup within the next week

Alle Preise in Euro !

Pos Art-Nr. Beschreibung Stk. E-Preis G-Preis
1 0007581 EPOX EP-4SDA+, Sockel 478, ATX 1 133,00 133,00
2 0007107 IP IV 1600MHz, 478pin, 512kB, BOX 1 189,38 189,38
3 0500096 Wärmeleitpaste Arctic Silver III, 3g 1 12,00 12,00
4 0007403 DDR-RAM 512MB, PC333 CL2.5 Samsung 1 215,00 215,00
5 0002778 Netzteil ATX Enermax EG365AX-VE 350W 1 69,90 69,90
6 0003479 Lüfter 60x60x25 YS-Tech 36dBa 2 8,90 17,80
7 0003504 Lüfter 92x92x25 YS-Tech 32.0dBa 1 13,00 13,00
8 0006373 80,0 GB Maxtor 4D080H4 1 137,08 137,08

Versandkosten 9,89
Gesamtsumme 797,05

i use a hercules 3d prophet 2 MX hmm lets see how it works...;)
k3nnis said:
Hey Zervun.

I wa swondering should i use a 4:3 memory divider or a 1:1? What are thier differences? Also what memory settings should i use? CAS2?


I autolock my agp/pci on my 4bda so I don't know what memory divider it sets it at. For memory setting I've had different things but right now I am running cas 2.5 and turbo settings. Reason for this is that I want to up my bus as much as possible.

As for the 8500DV not working, can you lock the bus on a 4SDA? Should solve that problem instantly, my 8500 works perfect with my setup.

Thanks for the info Zervun. Which memory dividers should we use?
1:1 or 4:3? Whats the difference?

damn doesn't anyone use the 4sda?
i must know if its great for oc'ing
i get it with an 1.6A i wanna reach fsb 166;-)

you guys might think that it works?

if no one knows i'll tell u
Iam a sucker

Well guys,

You got me and I hope I made the right choice. After fumbling around with my bd7 for months I bought a 4bda2+. I got tired of the boot/power problems and was tempted by the claims of some of you here that the epox board exhibits none of these problems.

I have to say that I also built a p4b266c system for a customer and clocked a [email protected] and ran it for days with no boot/power issues. Although my boot issues didn't pop up on my Abit board till after a week.

My only worry is that with so few people owning the 4bda2+ their problems may be revealed by greater numbers of boards being used.

BTW I also switched from the AVC sunflower to the PAL 8942. Mostly because the AVC's fan is NOISY and the PAL uses screws to apply pressure. I figured the flimsy heatsink cage and white plastic mounts were responsible for my temp difference of 18c between system and cpu (ASII applied according to website and heatsink reinstalled three times).

Stay tuned I'll let u know how the 4bda2+ compares to the bd7 with benchies and stats.

A ****load of people have these boards now and everyone is happy. Check the thread out over in the hardforums, called owners thread and the board name.
@FSB145 i get temperatures up to 57°C under full load
i use retail fan
but i get some nice fans in some days... hope to reach 2400 then

the asus p4b266 is a very good board.
i just played w/ the epox bda, and my 1.6a wolud "only" do 2.4gig.(yes all combs, conserv&aggress)
on the aus it hums [email protected] gig!
and the epox has a VERY annoying feature.. when it wont boot due to an incorrect setting, you must jumper the bios and reset everything.. pain in the butt.the asus board reqires only power shut down and you can acces the bios again
i also treid the sound card on the epox..
THAT happens to be very nice(nice quality sound)
I am also really interested in a northwood system and Epox mobo.

Also considering the 4bda and 4sda no raid. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand the 4bda allows a 1.85 Vcore and the 4sda allows 2.15 Vcore?
Yes up to 2.15v cpu.
The non-raid version comes with a passive nb cooler and no debugger.
The raid version has active nb cooling and the debugger.
AudiMan said:
And the difference between the 4BDA and 4BDA2+ is raid, debugger and NB fan ?

If that is true then the price difference is very high according to this website.


No idea about the 4BDA I never owned one.
I have both the 4dsa and 4sda+.
Of course the 4SDA+ has raid as well.

Last I looked at newegg the price difference on the 4SDA and 4SDA+ was $12.
FWIW I really debated between the 4BDA2+ and the 4SDA+. I spent a lot of time researching mobo offerings. I had pretty much settled on the 4BDA2+ when Newegg stopped selling it. I couldn't get a straight answer out of them as to whether they would or would not sell it in the future.

I ordered the 4SDA+, along w/ a P4-1.6A. I had two 256MB DDR PC2100 Crucial sticks I purchased last fall (finally bought something on the downswing - those two sticks cost me $73 total!).

Got the parts, fired them up, and the 4SDA+ hasn't skipped a beat. Got brave the other day and set the BIOS for PC2700 and not a hiccup. Running a Leadtek GF3 Ti200 128MB DDR card along w/ a Seagate Barracuda IV 40GB (on the High Point RAID controller, as a single drive setup).

All in all I'm pleased w/ the 4SDA+ choice. Did the 2408 BIOS update, which was one of the easiest BIOS updates I've seen.