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The XP1600 Stats Contest! Win a XP1600

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Oct 18, 2001
Chesapeake, OH
The XP1600 Stats Contest! Has Started

Let the race begin.The prize a new AMD XP1600 processor!

The Rules.
Changes to rules sense post of the thread are in yellow

1. You must have stats showing you to be a team 32 member by the time the contest begins. You will need to start folding before the 18th so you will have stats at stanford.
2. You must be a member of the O/C boards as of the date I posted this.
3. You must post in this thread your folding ID. No IDs posted after the starting time will be allowed.
4. If I think someone is breaking the spirt of this contest Its over and I will give the processor to a team member I think needs the help and has been most helpfull to others. (I would hate to do this so lets all just play nice :D )
5. As I know it is harder to move up in ranks once your up in the fray so to speak we are using some junk of a scoring system I made up. :)

A new formula is in use. Dont ask am not got to give it out until after the contest is over.

The below formula did not work and had made me wish I never ran this contest.
Your score=((((1000-newstanding)/newstanding)-((1000-oldstanding)/oldstanding))*newstanding)-(newstanding/2)
I have no idea why it works ;) but it seems to give poeple moving up alot near the bottem a good chance as well as someone near the top a chance to win.

5.5 Incase of a tie. The person with the best rank wins.
6. robertm1771 is not able to win :(
7. The contest will last 2 weeks (14 days)
8. The contest will being on Monday 3-18-02 at 9am EST/14 GMT +- a min or two
9. The contest will end on Monday 4-1-02 at 9am ESt
10. No its not an Aprils fools joke it just happens to end then :)
11. I will pay for shipping to anyplace inside the US.
12. Any customs and duty will be on the prize winner.

For other questions and comments please see this thread.

The folding at home client can be download here http://folding.stanford.edu/download.html

I Robert Murray reserves the right to change the rules of the above contest without prior notice. I can remove or exclude a participant in contest at any time for any reason it deems appropriate. I am the final arbiter of all disputes over the rules and conditions involving this contest. I do not accept liability stemming from the use of items obtained through it. The information for scores is believed to be true, however, I can not explicitly guarantee its accuracy.

Only Post in this thread Your folding ID. Please keep coments and such out of this Thread! Thanks
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Wow for that generousity you get a sticky! :) Good luck with the contest, and good luck to the deserving winner.

Not sure if I completely qualify, think so, so Im entered!~! :D

IFMU <~~~
i dont need a new cpu, im not greddy, hope someone deserving of one wins.
my ID is my name I choose in the configuration right...lol...in that case

ID= Spec_Ops2087 same as my form name ;)

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