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Thermal Compound

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Feb 27, 2002
Pompano Beach, FL
I noticed that my processor was running hot and figured that I needed to check the thermal compound between the heatsink and the processor. It was dry and chalky. It was cheap stuff that I bought at BestBuy. (i think)
Anyway, I cleaned and replaced it with a no-name silver thermal compound that I bought at CompUSA.
I was wondering how often does that need to be replaced and if there is really a 'superior' thermal compound that I should use.

Thanks for any input. :)
You can get ARTIC SILVER 3, thats about the best Thermal compound out...(though Peanut butter works too!!...lol...j/k :D)

I have talked to people who change there compound every month..Im not sure how often you really need to replace it..but i replace it when ever I notice my temps raising over there norm..(or about every 2-3 months)

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