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Thermal compund question.

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2001
I have read that it is bad to put too much on the cpu,
I think I put more than I should have.
Seeing as the heatsink is putting pressure on the cpu wouldnt the extra just push out the sides?
Like when you put glue between 2 boards and clamp them?
I would hate to have to order more artic silver unless you think I can just remove the excess if I need to.
Grr... can't edit the subject ohh well its compound.
You are correct. The pressure between the core and heatsink base squishes out the excess. Assuming that excess is not so much that it literally runs onto the surface mount components surrounding the core, the only loss is the wasted grease. When you take your heatsink off, you will see actually how little of the grease remained between the baseplate and core. That gives you an idea of how little to use the next time. How far you can make a tube of grease go is up to you. I prefer to err on the side of excess than too little. Unless you are constantly putting on and taking off heatsinks, don't worry about it.