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Thermal Grease or....?

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Apr 6, 2001
Hi everyone I was wondering if I should use thermal tape or thermal grease.
The reason im thinking of using thermal tape is because i heard that thermal grease drys out and it might act weird with copper (alpha pal6035)
I dont know if this is true so can you please help me out?
Thanks a lot

Door Knob

Feb 9, 2001
No question....go with grease...don't even consider going with a pad, they suck. Get some nice artic silver. And no they don't dry up. I have seen cheap ones that are 5 years old still in liquid form. This stuff doesn't dry up under any normal conditions (not in an oven).


Senior Member
Mar 1, 2001
Sacramento, CA.
Door Knob is right, go with the thermal grease Artic Silver 2. It is by far the best and it will not dry out.


Administratively Deficient
Mar 15, 2001
Yep. I've even heard that the pads hurt more than they help...